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Monster Truck Madness 2, and 4x4 Evolution 1 & 2


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Besides Free File Uploading, Storage, Listing, Downloads,

Community Forums, Help, Utility Programs and Review Pages…

Also available are multiple CD’s that work with each site!

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All CD listings now updated with uploads thru July 1st 2003


Did you know that Monster Truck Madness 2, 4x4 Evolution 1, and 4x4 Evolution 2 all support Player Made Add-on Trucks and Tracks you can create yourself and share with others? has been the free “Central Location” to Upload and Download files for each of these games since their creation, and currently hosts over 10,000 add-on Files stored as more than 5,400MB of compressed .zip files on-line, plus the average of 5 MB worth of NEW player created files that are uploaded each and every day!


What makes these three driving simulations so fantastic is their ability to let you make it a “whole new game” with new Vehicles to drive, and new Places to drive them, as often as you want.


For those of you just discovering how fun these three games really are with the availability of many thousands of new Tracks and Trucks (and Car’s and Boats and more) to try, having the whole history of player made add-ons is a must!


The problem is that even if you have a super-fast connection, unlimited time, unlimited disk space, and unlimited downloads a day, you could never download them all.


The solution is getting all the files you want, burned to CD-ROM(s) mailed to you to Anywhere in the World!



All Single CD purchases are now $ 17.95 US.

This includes all Sales Tax and Shipping to Anywhere in the World.


BUT, for each Additional CD you buy, the Price for ALL CD’s goes DOWN a $ 1.00


Buying 3 CD’s would be $17.95 - $3.00 = $14.95 per CD, times 3 CD’s = $44.85


Note that CD’s with a * indicate they are not full, and all files to date of order will also be added to these CD’s and therefore larger than stated.


Note that the ** New Boxed Full Retail Games indicate a Limited Quantity!



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Monster Truck Madness 2

Tracks – 1999 to 3-13-00  731 files – 665MB

Tracks - 3-13-00 to 1/27/02  714 files – 668MB

Tracks – 1/27/02 to 7/01/03*  689 files – 654MB

Trucks – 1999 to 5/01/02  1,996 files – 674MB

Trucks – 5/02/02 to 7/01/03*  606 files – 170MB

Full Retail Game in Box $ 10.00 with CD Purchase. **









4x4 Evolution 1

Tracks – 2001 to 7/01/03* 2,017 files – 674MB

Trucks – 2000 to 6/29/02  2,206 files – 658MB

Trucks – 6/29/02 to 7/01/03* 800 files – 293MB

Full Retail Game in Box $ 17.00 with CD Purchase. **







4x4 Evolution 2

Tracks – 2001 to 6/04/02  233 files – 636MB

Tracks – 6/04/02 to 2/20/03 189 files – 631MB

Tracks – 2/20/03 to 7/01/03* 94 files – 307MB

Trucks – 2001 to 7/01/03*  816 files – 410MB

Full Retail Game in Box $ 24.00 with CD Purchase.






Bonus Code:     Total the Selections Above à


Payment Options: accepts Credit and Debt Cards through PayPal as well as Money Orders, Cashier & Personal Checks and Cash, but all funds must be in US Dollars.


Check the Form Boxes for the CD(s) you are interested in,
then click the Total Up Button for payment options.


Note: Your order will also appear on the Sponsors Page, and yes, accepts donations towards the extensive costs of providing this great free site for your use as well !


CD Use:

Each Data CD-ROM contains nothing but as many of the exact same files that are hosted on-site as can fit on a given 700MB CD.

There is NO GAME SOFTWARE, auto-run program, install program, or web page directory of the CD contents. They are simply jam packed with files!

You can freely open and access the entire disk of files as if they were files on your hard drive with a double click on your CD ROM icon.

But the Real Advantage is using them with the Download Web Pages as an Index.


Trucks and Tracks on CD usually divide out by type and date.

Once enough Track or Truck files fill a CD, it is set.

Each CD is unique however.


All CD’s are created upon receipt of order, and are labeled for the given time frame of the files by the date they were uploaded or edited on the site.

Use these dates to determine if a file on the site is on a given CD.

CD’s of “entire sites” or just the “latest CD” will contain all files to the date of your order.


Each CD label will include the CD:\path to access the files right from the Web Site Download Page, have a Name of “KC’s Place (game) CD” from My Computer as the CD Icon text, and a complete description of the time frames of the files this CD has, on every full color Professional Label.


In all cases, Trucks are Always in the x:\Trucks\ directory and Tracks in the x:\Tracks\ directory, where x:\ is the Drive Letter of your CD-ROM (like d:\). is constantly evolving, and all three sites are separate entities, but the overall format for how to use a CD with a site is the same for all three.


When you click a Track or Trucks Name from the Downloads Page:

You will get the Pop-Up “Download Box” similar to this one:

The default CD Drive of D:\ and path to the files will display in the Path Box.

If the path displayed does not match your drive letter or folder for a given CD, Edit the Text Box making SURE to end with the \ Backslash!

Then click the  button to Set the Path in a site cookie.


A Click of the  Open from CD Button will now give you your Browsers standard File Transfer Box:


Simply check the “Open this file from its current location” radio button and click the OK button:

TIP: Regardless of how of where you download files, never uncheck the “Always Ask” checkbox!


Depending on you’re system and configuration, your default Zip program should just open the file:

Simply unzip what you need to the proper directory, and install it into the game as usual.

Read the given sites HELP! Page for directions on installation to the game!



CD’s are created upon receipt of payment and usually shipped within 5 days.

Each CD is tested, professionally labeled, and shipped US Mail.

Any CD that arrives damaged will be promptly replaced free of charge.

Any CD order that does not arrive at all within 20 days of shipment will be replaced free of charge.

All content on the CD’s was uploaded by others to the web site, and takes no responsibility as to the content of any given file.

No COD orders will be accepted, and there are no cash refunds.

If you have any problems or questions, contact KC via the Contact Form Link at the top left of each sites Navigation Menu.


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We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.