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KC's Place Daily Download Limits and Paid Membership.

Unfortunately, Vales Gaming can no longer provide unlimited free hosting and downloading of everything to a worldwide broadband audience with just our single server as we have in years past, so daily free download limits were put in place.

Uploading your add-on files for hosting, testing and review is still 100% free and unlimited.
All of the game site forums, help and utility programs are all still free and unlimited, and I even have a free version of the game up for free download as well.

UPDATE 4-23-2009

Sorry, but due to the continued free user selectable downloads abuse by cheaters making multiple accounts, no non-paid members get to choose what they can download now.

Free members can still download each day, you just don't get to choose what.
You can read the Front Page for more details, but in short I put in a random generator to offer One Track and Two Vehicles for free each day, they are linked at the top.

The random offerings change at midnight forum time each day.
In short, this completely eliminated all cheating with multiple memberships.
A guy can make a million free memberships but he's still only going to get the same 3 downloads that day so it's a moot point.

Buy a Membership for $5 a year. There are no auto-renew or "need to cancel out" tricks either.
When your year is up nothing happens. No reminder e-mail, nothing until the first time you re-visit the site the first time after your membership has expired.
At that time if I had the desire I'd make a thing so you would be offered one chance to renew at a discount or you simply become a free member again with 6 DL's a day.
I have never actually taken membership DL's or status away based on this however ;-}

Do you want Everything Now with No Limits?
Buy the DVD. For $25 or less you get Ultimate Evo2 experience with so many unique features they need their own web page to explain them.

Enjoy the site for free if you like, or be a sport and help support it because new uploads come in most every day.




The KC's Place Game Sites and are privately owned and operated by KC Vale.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
All source code, images, content, and custom functions are the expressed personal property of KC and except where noted.
Please address all site comments and questions via the Contact Form.