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   10/23/2017   8:52:09 PM     
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Posted - Sep 26 2017 :  3:38:50 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply WITHOUT a Quote
amazing job keeping all this going...been a long time

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Test Driver

1343 Posts
Posted - Sep 26 2017 :  7:18:19 PM  Show Profile  Send hemipower a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote  Reply WITHOUT a Quote

I have hospice care and good drugs so not so bad as long as I don't fall down any more.

We just bought a house up North (Camp Verde) in the cool country, expected to close on the 7th.
It rarely gets snow but it's 10+F cooler.

My wife works from home most of the time, be she has to go in the office twice a week.

She has it worked out so she can drive down the hill and work Wednesday, stay the night, work Thursday and then drive back up the hill.

We are paying movers and our last move.

I hope you're able to find comfort. Be careful! I read up on your relocating on my last visit. I feel like I had a response typed up, but for whatever reason deleted it. It's a struggle I deal with. Anyway, the weather sounded lovely, I kind of want to move down there myself!

DiggaDiesel, I've always admired your signature!


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Proliferate Poster

906 Posts
Posted - Oct 20 2017 :  1:21:03 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply WITHOUT a Quote
Same here I miss jumping on here and seeing what turbo converted and warrior made and what monster trucks Big dogge made.

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470 Posts
Posted - Oct 20 2017 :  6:01:32 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply WITHOUT a Quote
I'm blown away by this sites longevity, KC. Thank you for everything you've done for this community.

My last upload was in 2003, a truck I think, and lo and behold 14 years later I come on and remember my password first try and still see all my uploads.

This all started when I decided to buy a $100 laptop for a couple simple tasks. Next thing I know, I'm ordering a hard drive adapter off amazon so I can hook up the HD out of my old pc.

I saw evolution in the filesystem while I was looking for other stuff and I craved some off-roading so I started searching for new console off-road games and preordered mudrunner but still couldn't get 4x4 evolution off my mind and the site I co ldnt remember the name of. Google helped with that.

Im just rambling now lol.

Well, I'm off to see if I can make evo2 run on this terrible laptop. I miss the community, I'll stop by if I can.

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The chosen One

2368 Posts
Posted - Oct 23 2017 :  6:28:04 PM  Show Profile  Visit SupermotoXL's Homepage  Send SupermotoXL a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote  Reply WITHOUT a Quote
Still here behind the curtain luriking around :D

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