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Massive Jumps by 4x4EvolutionFan on 12/9/2016

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Monster Truck Madness 2 is the second and final game in the Monster Truck Madness PC Racing/Rumbling series released by TRI in 1998.
Although somewhat limited by the current speed and graphics of PC's at the time, the fun play and add-on ability keeps it popular even today.

  4x4 Evolution followed TRI's successful MTM2 PC driving game and released in 2000 with better graphics, more options, and a more realistic "regular guy" off-road racing experience plus Mac and Dreamcast versions. Though still somewhat popular most players moved on to Evo2.   4x4 Evo2 is the second and final release in the 4x4 Evolution series released in 2001. TRI really listened to the Evo1 players and created the most popular version of the four TRI driving games, Evo2. Dreamcast support was replaced with a PS2 version and Mac support was kept and this is a thriving community.
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 MTM 2 Game?
Get it FREE from the sites front page.
Don't have the 4x4 Evo Games?
Download the special FREE versions of Evo1 & Evo2
The MORE Part:
Download the Vales Gaming FREE Add-On Installer Windows Utility.
It works with all 3 games to make add-on installs a snap.

Monster Truck Madness 2 Specific: Get the Patch, .pod Fix, Track Editor, and more on the
MTM2 patches and utilities page.


  4x4 Evolution Specific:
Get Patches, Track Editor, and more in the
Evo Patch and Track Editor page.
  4x4 Evo2 Specific:
Track Editor, There are no patches for Evo2.
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