Login Problems (cookies & security):


All three sites here use a small and simple “cookie” file that is placed on your computer to indicate that you have “logged on” to the site as a Registered Member.


This cookie file contains:

Your User Name.

Your Password (if you had the Save Password box checked at Login) to allow automatic login on your next visit.

And the Date of your Last Visit (to determine what are “New Topics” to you).


Although you can view most of a given site as a “guest”, many of the main features like Forum Posting and File Upload/Download require this cookie file to indicate you are indeed a Registered and Logged In member.


Cookies are controlled by your Web Browser Program i.e. Internet Explorer or Netscape.

Each version of every browser program is somewhat different, but all browsers versions 4.0 and above contain the ability to “allow/disallow cookies”, and some newer versions like IE 6.0 even have the ability to “delete all cookies” built in.

If you run Windows and have SP2 (Security Patch 2), your browser defaults to not letting web sites like mine talk to your PC with cookies or most any other useful interface.

This is a good thing for most of the crap sites out there on the Internet that may try to harm you. It protects you. It just protects you too much.

Unfortunately, the only way I can provide you with your own identity and abilities on my domains is by using a Cookie to to keep you logged on as you change pages, upload or download files, post in the forums, etc.

EASY FIX on IE 6.0:

Click the Tools link at the top of your browser window.

Select Internet Options... from the drop down menu.

Click the Security tab at the top of the pop-up page.

Click on the icon and click the SITES button to the right.

Type in the text box and click ADD.

Make sure the "Require server verification (https:) for this zone" checkbox is UNCHECKED as is not an https: server.

You can however rest assured that in 8 years of operation, there has never been a single instance of anyone getting any viruses, spyware, malware, keyloggers, pop-ups, spam or garbage from my server and it is truly worthy of being a Trusted Site, just use Trusted Sites carefully with other sites, especially sites on free hosts.


For a cookie fix: 

On Internet Explorer ver. 5.50, the Cookie Options are found under Tools/Internet Options - Custom Level.



Occasionally, this cookie file may become corrupted.

This can happen is you loose power while connected to the site, or you logged in to the site during a system crash to name two.


If this happens, your login will not be automatic and you may be forced to login at each page.

To fix the problem, you need to delete the cookie.


Some Browsers like IE 6.0 have the ability to “delete cookies” built right in.

If your browser is like IE 5.5 in the example above, it does not have a Delete Cookies option, and you will need to either manually find the cookie file and delete it, or use one of the free/trial/shareware cookie handling programs available.


This example uses Complete Clean Trial Ver. (907K).


Simply download the file and rename the .exeDL extention to just .exe and then run cleanup.exe to install the program.

Close your browser.

Start the program and click the appropriate Cookie Cleanup Button for your Browser.
When you get the pop-up warning box, click the Yes button.



If the status on completion shows any “locked” cookies were not removed, click the Locked Files button and set it to delete them on reboot, and then reboot your system.


One more note. The cookies are based on the EXACT PATH to the site AND are case sensitive.
Example: If you logged in from, then came back using or you might be required to login again, and it would save the cookie with that path too.

That’s it.

Enjoy my sites!


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