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Who's here at 3:09:30 AM on 12/12/2018?


Get free technical help with a PC problem in the Forums.
Enter your current PC spec's down to component level,
   and have your own special MY PC Forum Topic for issues with your system.
Get the latest news that involves the continuing evolution of the PC.
Plan an upgrade based on your current specs and get great advice.
Upgrade to a new computer to your own spec's that I not only build to your spec's,
   but load it with a ton of goodies you will actually use.
Machines I build will have all of your machine specs entered for you
   in your own My PC topic for easy reference.
Custom Web site development and oversea's work by contact.


Internet PC sales and support are the main point of this site.
My completely custom new "My Computer" Forum will allow you make a special Topic just for your machine, and everyone can advise you properly based on what PC hardware you actually have if you take the time to enter the info.

The more of your PC info you enter, the more help you will get, but even just the basics are enough and there are no required fields but those basics.

Note that new systems purchased here will automatically get a new "My Computer" topic made for them.

Get a bargain on Domain Names from GoDaddy.com, that is who we use.

We are also proud to be a part of many Recycling programs.
Old, broken and replaced computer equipment here goes to the appropriate recycling company and not into the landfill, including the NiCad or Mercury batteries on motherboards.
You can recycle your old cell phones and rechargeable batteries for free by clicking the Call to Recycle banner below.


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