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      new! Elite Computers Web Hosting



We offer ONE all-inclusive Windows 2003 web hosting plan complete with all the bells and whistles. All sites are hosted on a fast Microsoft Windows 2003 dedicated web server.
Look below and see what you get for only $3.50 per month!

We do NOT allow Adult, MP3, Gambling or Unrestricted Download Repository* sites.
Please read our Terms of Service before signing up for other restrictions.

Our all-inclusive Windows 2003 Plan Features:

  • Snitz Forums 2000 Ver. 3.4.5 with Elite Computers Modifications - This member based forum structure is the heart of the free web site template that comes installed with all hosting!
    Try It Out HERE on the Template Site. 

    You are certainly free to delete it and host whatever you wish, but if you want a reliable and secure member based web site with complete freedom to modify it any way you choose for file sharing, community blog and BBS, or simple customer tracking and on-line payment on every web page you create this is your dream come true!

    There are far too many abilities to list here, but just look at this Elite Computers Access Database structured site, your web space comes with the same base, and with easy to modify template pages using mostly HTML you can create all the powerful web pages and navigation menus you want with the power of .asp page VBscript code and Access Database data Read/Write mixed in.
    More on all of the features in the Elite Snitz documentation.

  • The Personal Touch - Elite Computers web hosting is not some faceless server farm, it is hosting on the extra space on the Elite Computers dedicated server that already has everything in place to host your own social networking, team, or small business site with advanced custom abilities and personal help from KC Vale, the owner of Elite Computers himself.

  • 30 Day Trial - If you are serious about advanced web hosting and would like some personal help give it a try for a month. Simply pay the $35 setup fee and try it out, if you like it, buy the hosting, if not no problem!

  • 20 GB Web Space - You will receive 20,000 MB of web space. This is one of the highest allotments of space from any Windows 2003 web hosting provider and is plenty sufficient for even large sites. No more worrying if you have enough web space for your site files. Compare with our Windows 2003 hosting competition's space allotment and save with Elite Computers Web Hosting!

  • No "Control Panel" Hassles - Unlike most other advanced web hosting that requires you to jump through hoops with a web based control panel to add a database, create e-mail, register components, etc. Elite Hosting is already configured for you. Details below.

  • 20 GB Data Transfer per month - Just like the 20 GB of space, 20 GB of data transfer is a huge amount of bandwidth per month for the success of your site.
    Most web sites suited for this type of hosting use less than 15Gb per month and our own sites uses less than 7Gb with around 1 million visits a month so 20GB should be way over what most sites require. If you need more we would be happy to discuss additional accommodations for your site.

  • Free Domain Name Creation/Transfer - The Elite Hosting setup charge includes assistance with pointing your current Domain Name to your new web site, or the creation of your own .info domain name via GoDaddy.com that will be transferred to your full control and paid up for 1 year. This means you own the name and change hosting at will even if you opt not to use Elite Hosting at all.

  • Email Accounts - Note that Elite Computer sever does not yet have it's incoming POP mail server running so your incoming mail will be hosted with your DNS provider for now, and this includes one free address with the free GoDaddy domain.
    Once POP e-mail is configured on the server you can have 100 POP e-mail accounts.
    Outgoing web site SMTP E-mail is handled with AspMail4 via web site forms, a very flexible system system that comes with customs with forms already made for you.   
    Note that we DO NOT permit any spamming on our network.

  • Analog 6.0 Stats - We use Analog 6.0 stats to create customized Server Stats for your web site, be it your main domain domain stats like the entire vales.com server, or just a sub site on your domain like KC's Evo2 Place.

  • Full FrontPage 2002 - 2003 Server Extensions - FrontPage 2002 Extensions are available free of charge with every account and already configured.
    FrontPage 2002 extensions are also compatible with FrontPage 98, 2000 and 2003 versions. Host your Microsoft FrontPage site on a Microsoft Windows 2003 server and experience the features of Front Page 2002 or 2003! We do not support Microsoft SharePoint Services.

  • Full ASP and ASP.NET 2.0 Support - Our servers are running Microsoft IIS 6.0 on Windows 2003. We fully support Active Server Pages and ASP.NET 2.0 and have many preinstalled components as seen below.

  • Access 97, 2000, 2002, 2003 Databases - We support Microsoft Access .mdb ODBC Database Access with NO control panel setup hassle or limits in any directory on your web site wherever you want like any web page via FTP!
    This is possible via the ISAPI/ReWrite server side utility that also protects other files like Images and .Zip as detailed below.

  • MySql Database - All hosting customers may create an optional MySQL Database for FREE.  You may have a maximum of 200mb of MySql space for each domain name account that you host with 1PlanHost.com

  • ISAPI/Re-Write File Security - This server side utility is pre-configured for server wide protection of certain files among it's other uses. You can read about the abilities in this Documentation, and test how it works as a URL in your browser via the test database file located at http://vales.com/testDB.mdb

  • XML 4.0 Installed - Use the power of Extensible Markup Language XML 4.0 See XML.com for more information

  • RealAudio/Video -  We support the http: streaming of RealAudio/Video.  We currently do not run the REAL G2 Server so your stream will have to be http based. Simply hyperlink to your .ram file and it will work for you. We do not support live audio or video feeds.

  • 24 Hour FTP Access to your site - Our servers are obviously online 24 hours/day. We don't understand why other hosting companies limit your ability to use FTP 24 hours per day. We do however limit you to one site wide FTP login account for your personal use and not your visitors for obvious reasons. Your web pages can however use the ASP SmartUpload system for your web site visitors to upload files. We do not support Telnet.

  • Server Side Includes - We support the Server Side Includes (.stm, .shtm, .shtml) extensions associated with IIS 6.0, as well as simple HTML <!--#INCLUDE FILE="YourFile.ext" --> with any YourFile name and .ext extension you wish.

  • Protected Folders - By default all of your files in every directory is protected from browsing on your site to prevent the general public from viewing any sensitive files.

  • ASP Mail Component - We have the ASPMail component by serverobjects.com installed and ready for your use. This is used in ASP pages for sending the data from a form via email to your email box, and already pre-configured in your Snitz Forum setup. You can make as many send e-mail forms as you wish.

  • ASP SmartUpload Component - We support a component called ASP SmartUpload for uploading graphics and files through a web browser. This is a very powerful form based file upload system you can use on any web page and outlined in the Elite Computers Edition of the Installed Snitz Forum Software below.

  • Professional Technical Support -  The vast majority of technical help and instruction will be handled on your own hidden and secure web Forum, E-mail and Chat on the Elite Computers web site, but an emergency telephone contact number for KC will also be provided.

  • Give it a Try - Buy a hosting package and KC will hand you the Admin keys to our test template site to try it out and see the power for yourself!

    Compare our service and plan features with any Windows 2003 hosting provider and save on just hosting, then add the powerful ready to Elite Computers Web Site Template and judge for yourself.

Have questions?
Drop KC an E-mail from the Elite Computers Contact Form.

Click Here To Sign-Up for Windows 2003 Web Hosting Now!

We have over 10 years of experience creating complex web sites and over 25 years hardware, networking and customer service experience and that translates into stability and peace of mind for you. Be careful of other hosting providers that sell web hosting accounts for under $10 per month. Many of these host on cheap Linux or Windows 2000 web servers and pack as many as 1000 domains on one server! To ensure optimal performance, Elite Computers will be limiting our hosting to a couple of dozen accounts or less.

Please Read our Web Hosting Terms of Service before signing up. We do NOT allow Adult, MP3, or Download Repository* Sites.



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