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 Advice about selling computer parts
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Better Poster

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Posted - 08/19/2012 :  5:46:55 PM  Show Profile  Send brutus-tobias a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote

My good friend came over and dropped off 2 very old towers, an old keyboard, and 2 printers.

Said he got them from his dad who owns and runs a musical instrument store and has no need for them.

judging from whats written on the front of the 2 towers, they're both from 1995. with windows 95 installed.

there are no cables i can't really check peripherals. i assume the power supply port is the same then as it is now. looks the same.

the keyboard looks like any other, except is a bit dirty and old. nothing broken. it's got a bunch of hotkeys at the top above the F-keys. looks like about 15 hotkeys. banking, brokerage, pay bills, news, sports, travel, shopping, music, videos, etc...

the printers have no cords either. i told him theres no point in selling a printer if you cant plug it into the computer, let alone into the power socket. he just shrugged it off. i told him to get those cables if he can.

right the 2 printers i have are Dell 725, this one has a power cord but no peripheral cable. it uses a USB cable.
and the other is an HP Photosmart 2575xi all-in-one. looks like one of those printer/scanners. it's got slots for memory cards from cameras. and a usb port on the front. it's also got a USB peripheral port.

the good news is that the USB ports look like your basic USB hub ports. uhh... the square shaped ones that have the rectangle bit at the end... uhh one of these:
so i should be able to buy a couple for $10. heck i should have some unused USB cables lying around.

my main major question is i need advice. i've never sold anything online. i know i should check prices of the parts online before stating my own price, that much i know. but i don't even have an ebay account or a craigslist account.

so... should i sell the computers in parts or as a whole. the only people i've seen with a 95 computer is my grandad and all he does is play solitaire on it. its not even wired to the modem, no internet. they have wifi though. my aunt takes care of my grandparents.

anyway, thanks again in advance.

oh and would anyone happen to know anything about fixing a/c units on a car. i'll put a post on the evo2 forum about it.

here it is: http://vales.com/evo2/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=23411 the a/c problem.

"Death can arrive a simple friend for those who die. It is never simple for those who survive." - quote from the book Legacy by Greg Bear.

Edited by - brutus-tobias on 08/19/2012 5:57:15 PM

Better Poster

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Posted - 08/19/2012 :  9:12:23 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Don't mean to burst your bubble there but I doubt you would get anything for them. You would be hard pressed to have someone come take them off your hands for free....unless you happen across some retro computer geek and even those are wanting the mid-80s Apples.
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Posted - 08/19/2012 :  10:52:19 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The computers are too old and too slow to be of any value. Serial and parallel ports, ISA slots instead of PCI, and hard drives probably measured in hundreds of megabytes,

Not even schools will accept them as donations. You couldn't even use those printers with them unless said printers have an old-style parallel port(no USB with Windows 95).

Used generic keyboards...no value. Check the connector. If it's a round DIN multi-pin connector then it might be for the old PC.

With color printers selling so cheap these days (50 bucks or even less), people usually give away their used printers. No value there either.

Recycle them (don't toss in the trash please...too many toxins within).


P.S....Try booting the PCs and see if a newer OS have been installed. Perhaps they have Win-98 now (USB supported).

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Head Honcho

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Posted - 08/20/2012 :  08:12:32 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Put a Craigs ad up, $15 for both boxes, but then again if you strip out all the parts a recycle yard might give you $15.
What I did with my old crap like that when I moved was just put it on the street and all of that wasn't taken.

Then again, you could fire one up with a modem and use it for an answering machine ;-}

KC's Kruisers - It's all how you look at things
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