Vales Gaming Modified FREE
Windows version of 4x4 Evolution (1).

Simply drag & drop or copy/paste the Evo Folder in the .zip itself anywhere on any hard drive and sub-directory you want, like to just your root C:\  or D:\ or wherever you want drive and even sub directory.

Then run the special Vales Gaming Add-OnManagerSetup.exe program.
This handy utility will make it a breeze to use KC's Evo1 Place as an index to choose from thousands of new Tracks and Vehicles to also add to your game for free.
Read the Add-On Manager Help page for more.
Note this is not required to make the game run, it just makes it easier to add more stuff.

To play Evo1, simply double click the 4x4.exe icon in the \Evo1 directory and you are good to go.
It is recommended you create a desktop shortcut, as there is no installation setup and the game will not appear in your Start Menu Programs or in Add/Remove Programs.
To remove the game, simply delete the \Evo1 directory.


In order to provide you a free download version of Evo1, the games licensed stock trucks had to be removed. Since the game would be useless without any vehicles to drive, in their place another set of 8 class 3 custom trucks was added.
In addition to the "close to stock race trucks" set, a custom Monster Truck and a custom Exotic Car were added to illustrate the limitless potential to create, drive and share anything you can dream up.

In addition to removing the stock truck.pod file, the games intro movie was removed.
This covered the branding issue and as a bonus made the download .zip file smaller.

Important Information:

For details and tips about the game, controls, etc. Read the original readme.txt file that came with the game in the \Evo1 directory or just refer to the edited version at the bottom of this ReadMe.

When you first start the game you will find a default profile has already been created for you called Player 1.
It is recommended you go to Profiles from the main menu and select Change Name to choose your own name first.

What you will also find is this profile has already purchased a custom career vehicle, AND you have $9,999,999 in the bank, the games limit, to help you on your way in carrier mode.

Note that until you somehow find and install the stock Evo1 truck.pod file some career and mission options may not be available, and in multiplayer you will not be able to join any Stock Class only races and can only play where Customs are allowed.

For more info, tips and help about this free Evo1 game, refer to the
Evo1 - Vales Gaming Free Version Help topic on KC's Evo1 Place.


First I would like to thank TRI for allowing me to produce this free version.
I put in the Jeep Pack Made By Tyler Durden on 11/02/2002, and the PowerPack made by Patrick Munchenhause with "enhanced" stock trucks so this free DL works.

There is also a rumor that a little free oldevo1trucks.pod is easy to find to add and make your game full retail ;-}


Edited Game ReadMe File:

4x4 Evo1 September 21, 2001


Minimum System Requirements
Win98/ME/2000 (works on XP and Vista too)
Pentium III, IV, or Athlon at 450 MHz or better
128MB of RAM
100% DirectX 8 or OpenGL Compatible 3D Accelerator with 32MB of RAM
Sound Card
1.2 GB free uncompressed hard disk space

Recommended System Requirements
Pentium III, IV, or Athlon at 700 MHz or better
256MB of RAM
NVidia GeForce2 or Geforce3, Matrox G400, or ATI Radeon video card
Soundblaser Live Sound Card
1.5 GB free uncompressed hard disk space

Operating System
4x4 Evo1 supports Windows 98, Windows ME, XP, Vista and Windows 2000 as long as DirectX 8 or higher is installed and the minimum system requirements are met.

Windows NT 4.0 will be limited to OpenGL.

For today's PC's just Direct3D or OpenGL will work great and you won't have a performance issue.
Read the games original readme for more.