Problems Registering a new Member Account

or Logging On for the First Time?


These are the two most common problems:


Problem 1:











Cause 1:






Cure 1:



Cause 2:



Cure 2:





Cause 3:










Cure 3:










Problem 2:




Cause 1:


Cure 1:




Cause 2:


Cure 2:







Cause 3:



Cure 3:





You registered with no problems or errors, but the site never e-mailed you the password, even though it indicates it has…

Well…Yes it has, or at least it tried to, and it does it instantly.


Is all the site can do is send your registration info and password to the e-mail address you typed in.

It only makes one attempt.

Returned e-mail goes to special e-mail junk delete box I have, and I get several a day, but I only bother to look at a couple every now and then, and that is just to see what these main causes are.


The most common reason is an “invalid e-mail address”.

Usually it’s just a completely bogus address, and well, you won’t get access without a password, and won’t get that password until you get the e-mail.

This whole “password via unique E-mail address” was to stop abusers, and it does.


Use a real working E-mail address that has never been used on the site to gain access, and don’t do something to get yourself banned.


The Second most common problem is mistyping your e-mail address, like opposed to


You will need to Register again.

You will not be able to use the same User Name, but you will not be stopped for entering an e-mail address that is in use because you didn’t type the correct e-mail address in to begin with.


The Third most common problem is, the e-mail address is valid and was typed correctly, but the inbox for that e-mail account was full! will not attempt to keep resending your info until you finally empty it.

One try, that’s it.

I get e-mails from these people via the site telling me their login name and e-mail, and that they know it was perfect, but didn’t receive the password all the time…

I e-mail them back explaining this very page, just to see my reply bounce to trash for an “E-mail Box Full” error from their provider so they don’t even see that I replied with the answer!


This is a complicated problem as you have registered properly with your working e-mail address, but the site was unable to deliver it to you.

If you are not sure that this applies to you, send yourself an e-mail…

Did you get it back?

Once you get your e-mail cleaned out, e-mail me from the site you registered at via the CONTACT link at the Top Left of the page.

I need the Member Name you used.

I will re-send the password to the e-mail address you entered when you registered.


You have registered before, but lost some or all of your logon info and can’t regain access or register again because the Member Name or your E-mail has been used.


You are a regular site user but just forgot your password.


Click the “E-mail Password” link on the Login line and answer the two questions, providing you used a valid e-mail address, and your e-mail box is not full, you will receive your login info in e-mail.


Another member of your family wants to register, but the e-mail address is in use.


I have no problem with a couple of family members having their own accounts and sharing one computer IP, but to register a new account, you will need to create a Hotmail or similar second e-mail account that will be for the new member.

In this case, be sure each member clicks EXIT before leaving the site so the next person that uses the computer will not be automatically logged on as the last user.


You have no idea what your member name or password was, only that you can’t register now because your e-mail address has been used.


Unfortunately I have no way to look up your account info on-line by your e-mail address alone.

Yes, if you e-mail from the e-mail account you registered with via the CONTACT form on the site so I know what site it is, AND at least give me a HINT as to what your member name was close to, I can find you and send you the info.