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 truck request
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Posted - Oct 21 2007 :  11:07:48 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Send jj3232mi a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
would some one out here plz build me a 1970's style staionwagon on a 4x4 frame but with the chevy race suv motor in it an make it a career truck plz?????if u wanna email me u can at

You'd think I'd know better...

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Posted - Oct 22 2007 :  10:36:04 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote  Reply WITHOUT a Quote
Ummm, why did you put a truck request in the Add-on Programs, Patches and Utility Files forum?

Evo1 and this site are nearly dead, most all the add-on makers have moved on to Evo2.

The odds of getting anyone to spend days making you a station wagon custom for free when you didn't even provide the most basic things like a pic of the front, back, both sides and the top are worse than winning the lottery, posting in this obscure forum for patches and such drops your odds to asking someone to build you a real life space shuttle.

Making a complete new custom vehicle is tedious and time consuming work.
Making one for a virtually dead game for a new guy and just breezed in and offered nothing and mostly likely nobody else will ever want is just silly.

I suggest you just learn how to make your own add-ons, and no, don't even ask how, this site's Truck Making Q&A forums and Links page have over 7 years worth of topics and tutorials on on making vehicles, OR, post this topic on the Tailgate Party forum, include at least all of the artwork, and offer something to have it made.

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Posted - Oct 22 2007 :  4:47:02 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote  Reply WITHOUT a Quote
i can try for you {= i am currently making this car to!!


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