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 Forum Rules and Overview
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You'd think I'd know better...

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Posted - Mar 08 2002 :  08:18:30 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster
Although this new format is similar to the old site, there are many new and advanced features here, and to help with the transition to the new format, it is IMAPARITIVE that you read about these important new changes NOW, before you get registered and start posting or transferring files.

About Registering:
User registration from the old forum was not saved to this new format.
You will need to register here from the link above AFTER you have read this entire post.
I highly recommend you do not use team affiliations in your name. Team affiliations change, and you may find yourself stuck with an undesirable name, and registering another new account is forbidden and will result in your total ban from this site!
User names CAN be changed, but ask only if absolutely necessary.

Let me repeat that.
Registering multiple accounts is forbidden and will result in your total ban from this site!

This site has an expanded User Profile page.
If you wish to use a personal Signature Image on this site, you can upload it from your Profile page.
Signature images MUST be uploaded here to use, you can NOT use linked images in your signature at all, including the sig images from the previous Forum.
Images must be in a .gif or .jpg format, and NO TALLER THAN 50 PIXELS!
This is strictly enforced.
For width shoot for 100 pixels max width, but never more than 200.

Posting in the Forums and Chat
There are multiple forums here for posting comments and asking questions.
This is a G-Rated site. Anything that would not be fit for a Sunday School Blackboard is forbidden here.
Only the “Tailgate Party” forum is for general and off-topic chat. Feel free to talk about most any subject there.
The “Forum Talk” forum is a closed area for Mod’s to discuss site business and is closed to the general public.

The “Detail and Review” forums are special forums with special features to provide more information about Tracks and Trucks here.
Topics in this forum cannot be started by the public.
The Topics in the Detail and Review forum are generated dynamically on-the-fly from the files database record with it’s “tag” record created upon file upload.
Some of the older files here did not have either a Description or a Picture file and have no Topic here.
Mod’s have the ability to create a Topic for these files. Ask a Mod if you want one started.
The Details and Review forums also have special rules regarding posting in them.
Be sure and read the ABOUT topic in the Tracks and Trucks sections for important rules and how they affect what is allowed to be posted in them.

The “Tr?ck Making Q&A” forums are where you to post/find help specifically about Making files only.
The “Tournament and Web Site Announcements” forum is a place to share input on Tourneys and your web site.
The “Technical Problems Q&A” forum is the place to find answers about anything that does not work, be it the game, this site, or your computer.
The “Forum Testing” forum is a place to make test posts.
Please clean up after yourself here by deleting your posts when done.
This “Announcements” forum is where I post important information. If there is a new post here, read it.

The “Tailgate Party Live” chat is a QuickTime based chat.
It is far from perfect as is and may be updated or replaced in the future.
For now, clicking Chat will put you in.
Do not attempt to change your user name or chat rooms as you will end up stuck in the chat and unable to return.
Also, when leaving chat, click the Menu option and choose exit or again, your user name will remain trapped in the chat and you will not be able to return to it.
For now, the list of users in chat that displays from the Main Forum Index only lists users once you have been in.
It does not update in real time, so once you enter and exit once, simply refresh the Main Forum Index page.

For ALL forums these rules apply:
No foul language or personal attacks, take your personal problems with someone to e-mail.
The forums are not a Chat room. Do treat them as such with back and forth personal chats with someone, use the Chat Room for that.
Useless posts made simply to increase your post count are extensively discouraged and will be deleted!
Posting useless one line flippant posts will result in two posts counts removed for each single offence.
If you have a question, use the Forum Search first!
Chances are your question has been answered and need for a new topic is a waste of precious resources.

File Downloads
This site is a Hosting Service only.

The files uploaded here were not created by the authors of this site.
The main Track and Truck download pages have new sorting abilities and default to the newest files first.
Clicking a files name will open the DL pop-up.
Normal users are allowed 8 downloads a day.
Any attempt to create multiple accounts to circumvent this limit will result in your permanent ban from this site.
The Detail and Review Topic for a given file is linked with the icon if a Review exists in the Status.
All new Uploads will have a Review.
Also in the Status column is the current status of a file.
The Status of a given file is displayed using the folling Icons:

   The “OK'ed by a Site Administrator” icon indicates the
upload is deemed to be working and fit for use in 4x4 Evolution 2.

Files NOT OK'ed with a status listed below should be used at your own risk!

The “New Upload” icon is the default status of all new uploads and indicates it has not been

The “Text Edited” icon indicates the Author has changed some information about his listing such as a new picture or the text description but not the file itself, and an Administrator has not reviewed the changes.

The “File Edited” icon indicates the Author has uploaded a newer or “fixed” version of a previous upload and an Administrator has not reviewed the changes.
NOTE: File fixes should NEVER be uploaded as a new File Listing Upload here!
The “File Locked” icon indicates that either the Author or a Site Administrator has deemed
this file unusable and removed it's download link.

The “File Trashed” icon indicates that either the Author or a Site Administrator has selected this file to be completely removed from the server, including it's Forum Review Topic.

File Uploading
Uploaders be sure and read ALL of the instructions on the Upload Page!
I expect ALL uploaded files to have a complete Description made. There is no excuse for not doing this!
I also expect all Trucks to have a picture uploaded as well.
If you are not the original Author of a File, do NOT upload it without the author’s permission, and then be sure to change the Author name in the upload form.
Do NOT put your name as the author of work you did not make! Doing so will result in your ability to upload at all.

The new format here allows for a greatly expanded TYPE listing of your file.
Please be as accurate as possible selecting these.
After a file is uploaded, you will be direct to the Review page for your file.
Open your review and check it for errors.
Also take this time to create a reply if there is anything else you wish to add about your file.
You can NOT edit the Topic of your review directly.
If these is incorrect or incomplete information, go back to the main Tr?cks page, you will find that you have a full set of edit icons to the far right for each file you upload.
This is NOT determined by the Name in the Author field. It is tied to your user account. Regardless of the Author name listed, only you the uploader and mods can edit this listing.

In the event you must update your file, use the Edit with File function to upload a new file.
DO NOT upload a new listing!
If you simply need to change the pic or some other info, use the Edit Text function.

I fully expect all uploaders to take care of their listings and make sure the file works and all information is correct.

Yes, that is a lot to absorb.
I hope this helps get us all off to a good start, and I hope you like the new format!

  Warning: Some assimilation required. Resistance is futile.

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