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 Patches, Editor, and other Helpful Links
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Don't fear the Reaper...

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Posted - Mar 09 2002 :  8:05:26 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster
Sound and Video Card drivers for your machine:
Did you know you have help for drivers right on your own computer?
Just open your browser to this 4x4 driectory on your hard drive:
C:\Program Files\Terminal Reality\4x4 Evolution\drivers\index.html
The index.html page there will help you use your browser to locate the proper updated drivers for your computer.
Note: This assumes a Windows PC with default install directory.
All .exe files hosted on vales have been renamed to .exeDL
To use them, remove the DL from the file name!

4x4 Track Editor:
4x4 Patch stock to 56 1.2MB
4x4 Patch 57 to Full (English):http://
NEW! 4x4 stock to Full w/Force Feedback - 2 .exe patches in one 2.4MB .zip
4x4 GeForce3 Upgrade:
4x4 Patch (English):
4x4 Patch (French):
4x4 Patch (German):
Other options and Patch news:
Mac Zip:
4x4 Demo:
Winzip 7.0
JonnyGZ's Forum - - Alot of Stuff here In the way of Truck Making Tutorials, And some funny stuff thrown in.
CGZ Tire - - CGZ Customs' homepage. CGZ has exceptional wheel and part making skills. A pioneer of 4x4 Evolution.

Find more helpful Links and Utilities here in the FAQ Popup from

If You know of any helpful links, Make a post in this forum, and after I check it out, and make sure it is not already here, I will add it to this post. As insentive, I will give credit for the link if it is deemed appropriate. Please, no links that do not deal with 4x4 Evolution.

  Can you hear me now?....Good.

Edited by - Fastback4x4 on Mar 21 2002 12:03:08 PM

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