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You'd think I'd know better...

1319 Posts
Posted - Jan 23 2003 :  4:40:09 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster
Monthly Community Sponsorship of the five main, high traffic areas here:

Tailgate Party
Track Upload and Reviews
Truck Upload and Reviews
Track Downloads
Truck Downloads

Now each requires at least one person to sponsor that area for an entire month for $10.

A single $10 US sponsorship of a given area by any one person insures that area will remain open and free to use for all members of this site for that entire month.

By having mostly Community Members sponsor the area of their interest, the entire community can be assured that the sponsors banner link will be of interest and well worth a click, and not some lame SpyWare filled web site trying to sell you a webcam.

If an area fails to receive a single sponsor for a given month, that area will be closed to the general community and only accessible to the Staff and Gold Supporters* until such time as a sponsor steps up.

In exchange for your sponsorship, you receive a strategically placed 100x600 pixel linked banner of your creation for the entire sponsored month tastefully and unobtrusively placed in that area for the month.

Most any type of banner will be accepted, so long as it is tasteful, non-obtrusive and G-rated as in this promo example:

More to come as I put the code in place.
For now, those interested in keeping their favorite area open might want to get started on a banner.
Remember This… When creating your banner, understand that your banner will be displayed for an entire month and repeatedly seen by visitors to that area.

My example banner above is meant to be obtrusive, but very short term.
I recommend non-obtrusive “easy on the eyes” banners for a months display ;-}

Again, more to come, I just got the site back up.

  It's all how you look at things ©¿©¬

You'd think I'd know better...

1319 Posts
Posted - Jan 28 2003 :  4:14:59 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster
The bulk of the Area Sponsor Code is now in place.

I do have a few more details to clean up, and I still need to implement it for the two actual DL pages, but you can sign up now.

The banner in the above post is linked to the sign-up page.

I sponsored every required area for January.

Further monthly sponsorships will be made official upon receipt of payment.
If an area fails to receive a paid sponsor by the 10th of the current month, the Area will be disabled for Public Access until it is Sponsored.

If you would like to have a smaller banner on a non-required area, I can arrange that for you.
$2 for a months exposure.
Just click the small banner on that non-required page to send me an e-mail, or drop me an E at

Thanks for the support!

  It's all how you look at things ©¿©¬ Go to Top of Page

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