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Welcome to KC's 4x4 Evo2 Place
THE place for Evo2 add-ons, help, and even the Free Game and Track Editor!

Now with FTP File Access to get it all NOW.
See KC's Store page for details.

Simply Register for Free and you can download a random FREE TRACK and
TWO FREE VEHICLES each day. Want to select your own Downloads?
BUY A $5 MEMBERSHIP and download up to 20 of the 1000 Track and 2555 Vehicle add-ons here a day for a year on top of the three free daily add-ons, or go with the new FTP access.
Plus, upload your own creations for free hosting! A Real Bargain!

What is 4x4 Evo2? It is the "E for everyone" rated PC and Mac on-off road single/multi-player driving simulator with NO BOUNDARIES. You can drive anywhere and create anything you can think of to drive in or drive on, in game with truly powerful real 3-D modeling programs, not some simple "paint and decal" fixed system like some games.

With fun and informative moderated G-rated forums and nearly a decades worth of helpful tips and tutorials for making and sharing your own totally stand alone shareable add-ons, KC's Evo2 Place has it all.
Sign up, get the free version of the game, and join the fun!

PARENTAL NOTE: There is no age restriction for this site, but there is a Social Maturity restriction. If your youngster wishes to join in the forums please ensure he has the skills to do so as his membership will be locked if he can not function in a group.


The KC's Place Game Sites and are privately owned and operated by KC Vale.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
All source code, images, content, and custom functions are the expressed personal property of KC and except where noted.
Please address all site comments and questions via the Contact Form.