KC's Printer Friendly Evo2 Store Order Form

     $0.00 - Site Membership + Download Upgrade to 20 DL's a Day until 12/18/2019.


     $0.00  TOTAL CHARGE in US Dollars.

 <-- Buy On-Line via PayPal now.

Important Note!!!
Be sure to click the "Return to Site" link on PayPal for instant 20 DL credit!

For Postal Mail Orders, please fill in this handy Ship To: label, then print this page and include it with your payment.
Or, if you do not have a working printer, legibly write all of the following on a piece of paper:

Order Code: Evo2/Membership + DL-0.
Member ID: 0.

Ship To:

There is no submit button for the form above, just click you PRINT icon and it will be included.

Mail order and make checks payable to:

Elite Computers
10222 N. 14th Ave
Phoenix, AZ  85021

Thank you for the order!

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