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   12/18/2018   5:47:25 AM     
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KC's Evo2 Place FREE PC & Mac
Modified Evo2 Version's Download.

As of 2/15/2008 this site has been granted the EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS
to create, host and distribute a FREE version of 4x4 Evo2 by TRI
But note this version does not contain the 120 stock trucks!
Also note that Free Memberships can only download two random vehicles a day to get more.

Before you download the free version PLEASE READ THIS!

For a limited time you can buy KC's Evo2 -Pro Edition for the same price as the DVD's of just Track and Truck files on the KC's Store page.

This new 2010 edition of the two DVD PC set includes most everything Evo2 ever made, over 8GB combined, and then some including:

► The Full Retail Version of 4x4 Evo 2 with all 120 stock trucks PLUS the special Jeep Evo2 game!
► All 2555 Vehicle and 1000 Track add-ons PLUS all of their Review Forum Pictures! Makes a great screen saver!
► All of the Utility Programs you will need to make your own custom Tracks and Vehicles.
► The unique Add-On Installer that with the discs, allows you to simply click the CD Icon on any vales add-on listing and have it fetch the file from your disc and install it in the game for you in seconds!
► Disc purchase also upgrades you to a Paid Membership instantly giving you 20 downloads a day while you wait the 7 days for delivery and for all for new stuff in the future!

Do it right, for $19.95 you can't go wrong.

Buy the DVD's via PayPal or Snail Mail for just $19.95!

Free version download:

I'm sorry...
You need to be a Logged-In Member to download the game.
Simply Register a free account
It is instant, and collects no personal info.

You are granted permission to download and use this game according to it's license agreement.

You are NOT granted permission to host, directly link, or distribute this game version to others yourself.
For permission to host a free version on your web site contact TRI for permission yourself.

That said, let the Free Racing, or the full blown DVD version begin!!!!

The KC's Place Game Sites and are privately owned and operated by KC Vale.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
All source code, images, content, and custom functions are the expressed personal property of KC and except where noted.
Please address all site comments and questions via the Contact Form.