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KC's Evo2 Place - Help for the 3D simm game 4x4 Evolution 2.

Add-On Truck and Track Help:

Use the Add-On Installer for FREE and kiss the add-on install hassle goodbye!

Download Problems? Read the Download Help page.
Why are there daily download limits?
How do I take and upload a picture?
How do I make a Truck?
The Track Editor
About Files Uploaded Here
Files and Formats
Downloading a File
Saving a File
Saving a text based .TRK file
How do I install Tracks and Trucks?
The POD.INI File
More Help
Download the How to make an Evo2 Track Help Document by Dents in Word format.

About Files Uploaded Here:
This site is a Hosting Service only.
The files uploaded here were not created by the authors of this site.
The Status of a given file is displayed using the following Icons on the Download page:

   The "OK'ed by a Site Administrator" icon indicates the upload is deemed to be working and fit for use in 4x4 Evolution 2.
Files NOT OK'ed with a status listed below should be used at your own risk!
The "New Upload" icon is the default status of all new uploads and indicates it has not been tested.
The "Text Edited" icon indicates the Author has changed some information about his listing such as a new picture or the text description but not the file itself, and an Administrator has not reviewed the changes.
The "File Edited" icon indicates the Author has uploaded a newer or "fixed" version of a previous upload and an Administrator has not reviewed the changes.
The "File Locked" icon indicates that either the Author or a Site Administrator has deemed this file unusable and removed it's download link.
The "File Trashed" icon indicates that either the Author or a Site Administrator has selected this file to be completely removed from the server, including it's Forum Review Topic.
You can also read the All Uploaders Read This topic for more about file handling..

Files and Formats: A files Type is determined by it's extension, the three letters following the period in a file name.
I.E. the file is a ZIP type of file.
You will need to see extensions on your computer to handle Trucks in a .pod format.
To enable viewing extensions,  double click My Computer, then click Tools, Folder Options, and then click the View tab.
Make sure the "Hide file extensions for known file types" is unchecked.

Evo2 uses 3 types of files.
The .pod file is the main format, it is a completely self contained collection of everything needed for a Truck or Track to show up in the game.
A .lte or Lite file is a Track made by using all of the models and textures from an existing stock Track.
A .trk or Truck file is a Truck made by using a model of an existing stock Truck.

The .ZIP file format is simply a compressed file of some other larger format.
The .ZIP utility itself is included in Windows ME and XP as Compressed Files.
You can read the Windows Help itself, or the Microsoft Help Page for instructions on how to create or open .ZIP files with Compressed Files, or you may choose to use a third party FREE utility for making and using .ZIP files called WinZip.
In our case, the .ZIP format is used to compress the .pod file to about a tenth it's normal size for smaller storage and faster Upload and Download.
In order to use a Track or Truck that is stored in a .zip file format it must first be opened and the .pod file extracted from it.

When you click a Track or Trucks Name, you will get a pop-up Download Page with the option "Download from the Web", or "Open this File from CD".
Information on CD's of add-on's is available Here.
When you click the "Download from Web"  button you get a Dialog Box asking what you want to do with this file.
You can choose to open it or save it.

Saving a File:
For .lte Tracks
you save them to your C:\Program Files\Terminal Reality\4x4 Evo2\customtracks folder.
You can then add or remove them from the game at startup.

For .trk Truck files you save them in the C:\Program Files\Terminal Reality\4x4 Evo2\truck folder.
If you do not have a \truck folder, simply create one.
If you do not get a Save File box and just text on the screen like this, click the pic for .trk Help

If you want to save a .zip file for future use, save it as follows, otherwise, just OPEN it and skip down to the Installing Instructions.
You can not use .trk or .lte files by opening them! Only .zip files need to be opened and un-packed.

When you save a file, you need to tell your browser where to save it.
I save all my .zip downloads in a folder I created called Downloads, and I made subfolders for each type of file I save to make it easy to find them later.

Once you click save, the file is sent to your hard drive.

For .zip Track file download and save, once download completes, open the directory and double click the file you downloaded to open it with your .zip program.
Windows Me and XP have the UnZip program as a system utility called "Compressed Files", or you can download the latest free version WinZip (14.5 as of this writing) HERE.
Then extract them to the C:\Program Files\Terminal Reality\4x4 Evo2\customtracks folder.

Installing a Track or Truck:
For Tracks in both the .pod and .lte Lite format saved in the \customtracks directory, you can Select and Unselect them at game startup from Custom Tracks, right above the Start 4x4.

(NB! .lte is an Evo1 file format and requires additional files installed before you can use them)

For Trucks in the .trk format saved in the \truck directory, your truck is already in the game, you can select it as any other truck, how and where in the game you find it depends on what the Author decided and should be indicated in the description or the readme file.

The POD.INI File:
For Trucks in the .pod format you must add the file to the pod.ini file.
(Note: Tracks can also be managed this way.)
There are multiple ways of adding a .pod file to pod.ini:

First, Unzip the .pod file to the main C:\Program Files\Terminal Reality\4x4 Evo2 directory (no sub folder).
Open the c:\program files\terminal reality\4x4 evo2\pod.ini file with notepad or any other pure text editor.
This file contains a list of file names, and a number at the top:


The number at the top is simply a count of the files listed below it.
To add you new .pod Track or Truck, type it's .pod file name at the very bottom, then change the number at the top by just adding 1 to it so it is a count of all the .pod files below it.
Save the file.

In the event you mess up your pod.ini file, create a blank pod.ini file and copy/paste the small text above to it as that is the games stock pod.ini file contents.

There are also 2 programs out for mounting and managing Pod files.
That is all you need to have Custom Tracks and Trucks seen in the PC version of 4x4 Evo 2.

More Help:

If you need further help, please check the Track Q&A or Truck Q&A Forums for the answer.
You can use the Search Forum page to quickly list all the posts relating to your question.
If you still need help, post a new request in the appropriate forum listed above.
If the problem involves a dispute about ownership of a given work, make every effort to contact the uploader of the file and handle it yourself, he is listed at the bottom of the initial Review Post.
If an agreement can not be reached, contact KC at

The KC's Place Game Sites and are privately owned and operated by KC Vale.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
All source code, images, content, and custom functions are the expressed personal property of KC and except where noted.
Please address all site comments and questions via the Contact Form.