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Links Page

Best Bets:

4x4 Evo Tournament Central hosts Evo 1&2 On-line Tourneys.
4x4 Customs Great site, nice layout, and plenty of content like a Truck Parts Lot (Link updated 5/31/02).
Evo2 fansite in Thai LanguageDescription: Ό䫵ǡѺ 4x4 EVO 2 ǹ
Terminal Reality The creators of the 4x4 Evolution series.
GoD Games Gathering of Developers. 4x4 Evo series distributor. Order on-line here.
Jeep 4x4 Adventure Game Free Jeep demo game based on Evo2, 96MB DL or request a free CD! (2/08/02).
Tournament and Web Site Announcements Forum here.

Team Pages:

ATV Team All Terrain Vehicles Team. Informitive page on new hosting (4/22/02).
CZ Motorsports Team page and more including an On-Line Hot Laps page.
FTR Team Fanatical Truck Racing team page. Nice site, lots of team info and clean fast page loads." target="_blank">Leoz Place Great Util Site. Excellent navigation, no ads, detailed content. (4/14/02)
MOB Team "Making Offroad Better" team page.
NKA Team "No Kid's Allowed" team page.
ORD Team Offroad Racing Demons team page.

Author Pages:

Opps Tracks. Top notch Tracks for Evo 1&2.
Rock Wear Punkonwheels web site for parts and his work.

Other 4x4 Evo Pages:

4x4 Evolution Site CRA~**SVT**'s web site.
Chris's 4x4 Place has a game review and 3 money cheat codes (1/29/02)
Shady Customz Nothing for Evo2 yet, but he has a couple things for Evo1 like Utils (1/22/02).
Silconcer Workshop I am unsure what this geocities site has, I give up on page loads after 10 min. (1/29/02).
Synthisis Evolution New site, Evo2 and Jeep Adventure based. Not much there yet. (6/01/02)

Linking Info:

This site only links to fully functional web sites that provide some actual content.
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For linking to this site the name is "KC's Evo2 Place", the URL is
Feel free to use this logo as a link image.

The KC's Place Game Sites and are privately owned and operated by KC Vale.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
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