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  4x4 Evolution 2 - Links Page:

Site Name Type Rating Author Date Admin
Best Bets:
4x4 EVO 2 Wikipedia page Main Hub Very Good Wikipedia 5/23/2007  
The Wikipedia page fo 4x4 EVO 2
REVIEW by KC: Not a bad writeup about the game.
Help/Utility Excellent! The Pioneers of Evo 7/22/2004  
Contains the original Evo FAQ with tons if info, articles and downloads for 4x4Evo 1 and 2
REVIEW by KC: This is a One Stop FAQ for most everything about building Tracks and Trucks. A MUST READ for new authors.
Large Excellent! Lime 11/10/2010  
From RockCrawlers to Lowriders. We Do Them All. Here you can D/L some of my or some of my friends truck parts/tires of my site. I also got useful truck making help that might be worth a look.
REVIEW by KC: Great parts side, and you can get your custom vehicle made here.
SupermotoXL Designs Author Excellent! SupermotoXL 11/10/2010  
You want hardcore designs?. Pushing your 4x4 and 3d gaming closer to reality....well design trucks/car, parts, tutorial, desktop, and much more..
REVIEW by Synthisis: An incredable site. The looks are incredable! You are able to download all of his trucks, his parts and he has a few tutorials on there too.
Team [RCG] 4x4 Evolution site Official Team Site Very Good [RCG]Balthazar 11/10/2010  
On these pages you will find pictures, guides, tips&tricks as well as tracks made by members of our team.NO popups or ads.
REVIEW by KC: The content and info are great. SIgn-up info, team info, and lots of goodies to download.
Team NKA 2003 Official Team Site Excellent! Team NKA 5/23/2007  
Team NKA is still going strong! We are now in our 7th year and it`s becoming our best yet! Visit our site for the "Up-to-Date" Online Tracklist, tutorials, and our famous forum! Comon....CLICK ME!
REVIEW by KC: Updated Link and Review STILL One of the very best Team Sites you will ever see. Tons of content now for everyone, BUT, you need to jump through some hoops and partisipate in the forums to DL. Do it. It`s worth it.
Author Very Good OOPS;-) 6/6/2014  
All TRI_Team Death evo1&2 tracks hosted by OOPS;-)
REVIEW by KC: Nice collection of the famous Team Death Tracks found nowhere else.
Author/Utility/Help Pages:
Gibson`s Scrapyard Author Useful gibson 3/24/2008  
My scrapyard, go and get the parts and such it houses, trucks too.
REVIEW by E2Rc_Nick_RG: This is Gisbon`s Scapyard. There are Parts, Trucks, Textures, and modified .pod files. Quite useful for truck makers, and generally a good site.
irokers evo 4x4 site Personal Very Good iroker 7/11/2003  
Evo related
REVIEW by Krazy: Site serves it`s purpose. I assume those are his custom creations on the website. Great use of flash, but may cause an extended loading time for those of you on a 56K. Over all, it`s a custom site.
Lukethedude Designs Tracks / Trucks Useful Lukethedude 8/20/2008  
Tracks, Trucks, Pictures, Downloads, and more! There are 25 tracks here most all of them are great for offin on. 10 trucks but most come in a pack, so there are really about 20. Please come for a visit!
REVIEW by KC: All of Lukes Tracks and Trucks for download with descriptions and pictures. Not a bad site if you can ignore the ad`s and blaring background music.
Mountian City Evolution Tracks / Trucks Useful Turbo 7/20/2008  
I have converted trucks and cars here content will change periodicaly so vist often.
REVIEW by E2Rc_Nick_RG: Downloads for Turbo`s Conversions. I don`t like how the pages are setup, it would be nice if they were categorized or if Turbo could put a search function. It would be easier to find what you are looking for, but overall it is a useful site.
Large Useful ~M.O.B~Warrior 3/24/2008  
Has trucks , tracks and goodies like demos and tutorials and patches . Most of my original scratch built stuff is here .
REVIEW by E2Rc_Nick_RG: Native Customs Website, lots of useful trucks, tracks, and goodies. I liked the site overall, very useful downloads. The only problem I encountered was the site seemed slow during this review.
Author Very Good OOPS;-) 8/7/2003  
This site features all my Evo2, Evo1 and MTM2 tracks. + some extra bonus tracks that are only available on It also has info on upcomming tracks and projects aswell as a "Shadowpatch" for the Evo1 editor and some texture templates for you
REVIEW by Krazy: Very nice site. Easy accessibility, great content, and an excellent track maker to top it off. If you like great looking tracks, this site is for you.
Zeb Designs Personal Poor KC~mega_killer_swe 9/6/2008  
Site wich holds pictures of my model works
REVIEW by KC: Has a couple of rim and tire models to DL.
Official Team Pages:
4x4Hell Official Team Site Poor baddogg902004 8/1/2006  
This is a team site. we have Trucks, Tracks, Parts, Tires/Rims, and Textures that you can download for free!
REVIEW by *ERO*~*FP*~*NICK*: This is 4x4Hell`s site. Yet another site with no info, or sig up.But though has a good amount of downloads. I think it needs a little more updating though.
Klash`s Kustomz Large Useful Klash 7/20/2005  
This is KK,Klash`s Kustomz main site.Has signups,truck DL`s,soon parts,and other things.Check us out!A great work in progress!*1/15/05*
REVIEW by KC: Nice enough looking site for freewebs. I guess it is a team site, but as of this review the only member is the author. A handful of files there.
Lords of Racing Official Team Site Virtualy Useless charles9876 5/12/2007  
LoR Offers Trucks,Tracks,& Parts to Download
REVIEW by [ERO]~{FP}~[NICK]: Can`t make ups or downs. No usable contact forms, and forum is empty. Only 1 track.
North West 4x4 Race Team Official Team Site Useful NW4x4_Xadub 7/13/2003  
North West 4x4 Off-Road Club. Our site has A members page, map downloads, A forum, A Chat Room ,and Links!
REVIEW by KC: Nice team site. Team info and sign-up. Banners but no pop-ups.
OFR team website Official Team Site Useful RoCk~HoPpEr 5/1/2005  
this is OFR`s team site. we have some LTE`s and Trucks. also have a geust book and webcounter
REVIEW by KC: Team site. Some .te tracks and a couple of trucks.
OM Team Website Official Team Site Useful grayson115 11/15/2003  
This is the Offroad Masters Team website! It`s a working progress, so tell me if you have any suggestions!
REVIEW by KC: Nice clean site, no ads, no fluff, has a team truck for DL, basic but useful Team Site.
PCG|TEAM|ONLY Official Team Site Poor yaird 5/4/2006  
This is where all PCGs/ECGs (previously called) come to see what I have to offer.
REVIEW by KC: Policecop Group. Team signup, a track and a truck.
RG Large Very Good E2Rc_Nick_RG 11/22/2008  
RG is a clan devoted to helping the Evo2 and MTM2 communities through tournaments. We are actively hosting tournaments in Evo2 and MTM2, allowing our members to earn points. We also have monthly fast lap contests on our forum for competition.
REVIEW by KC: Nice racing clan site with forum.
Team *ERO* Forum Large Useful nick 5/4/2006  
Team *ERO* New and better Forum!! Everyone is welcome including n00bs.
REVIEW by KC: Just a link to their forum, no team info or signup.
TEAM [RCAP] Official Team Site Virtualy Useless bubba 101 4/5/2007  
this is our offical team site, we are a new team and dont have much, please come and check us out
REVIEW by [ERO]-{FP}-[NICK]: Couldn`t understand the point of the site.
Team {wRt} Official Team Site Useful {wRt}dirt owl 5/23/2007  
Team {wRt} world Racing team. New and Improved! Better templates! More trucks and tracks are coming soon! We welcome new members including n00bs!
REVIEW by *ERO*~*FP*~*NICK*: World Racing Team. They have sig up form, search site, guestbook, and a few trux and trax.
Team DaRk Official Team Site Useful DaRk*P*Brian 5/4/2006  
Team DaRk site. Newly created site with some trucks you can download. Hoping to have some tracks added very soon. Come and have a look, hope u like it.
REVIEW by KC: Team info and vehicles, all around OK site.
Team KoR Official Team Site Useful KoR`vp`DarkWolf 8/1/2006  
This is the team KoR`s only Team Web site. the evo2 protion is still under construction it will be up soon sorry for the inconvenience.KoR`p`Darkwolf
REVIEW by *ERO*~*FP*~*NICK*: Kings of Racing Site, they`ve got a sig up form, they`ve got a few trux and trax, a guestbook, and a message board.
Team OrT Official Team Site Poor OrT*FP*Cruncho 5/4/2006  
Hey This is the newest team in Evo2 ...Team OrT....We have a guest book that we would like you to sign and tell us what u think about the site. If your intrested in Joining i have my email link in the site...Enjoy!!!
REVIEW by KC: Offroad Racing Team. Basic stuff like members and an e-mail link to join.
Team RCG Official Team Site Useful [RCG]RaceKing 7/11/2008  
the new RCG website come on by and hangout
REVIEW by KC: Team site with a forum.
Team WRS Official Team Site Poor WRS_RacinKing 7/11/2008  
this is my WRS Team website. well up to date come on in and look around.ENJOY !
REVIEW by KC: A team site but I didn`t see any way to join it or what it`s about.
Official Team Site Very Good Patriot 5/4/2006  
Team XRT Forums, n00bs are welcome! XRT is recruiting for BF2! Drop in and say hello!
REVIEW by KC: Link to forum page. No team info or signup.
Team_WRC Official Team Site Virtualy Useless WCR~SO~Amdjunkie16 7/11/2008  
Welcome to ~WRC~ World Rock Crawlers Offical Team Site!
REVIEW by KC: Just another virtually abandonded freewebs team site with nothing but the guestbook to try and join.
Team~XOC site Official Team Site Poor XOC~P~Greg 5/4/2006  
Standin Strong us at XOC will stay on top above most teams! weve got not many trucks but we will have more but we do have a great forum!
REVIEW by KC: X-Treme Offroading Club. member list and signup e-mail. Not much else there.
TFO Team Site Official Team Site Virtualy Useless rynturcotte9 7/11/2008  
This is the team site of TFO we have car/ truck too!
REVIEW by KC: Just another abandonded Freewebs page with no info, content, or way to contact anyone.
The Crawlers Guild Official Team Site Poor 4/2/2003  
The official homepage for the best rock crawlers 4x4 Evo2 has ever seen. If your interested in rock crawling, visit our site for announcements and updates.
REVIEW by KC: Basic team site.
The RaD Clan home Official Team Site Poor code and RaD Masters 1/30/2008  
The Racing all Day website, the clan is growing in popularity and numbers ;-} New layout in the works. Come check us out!
REVIEW by E2R_Nick: It`s a good clan, and i can see that they are rising up and growing. They have a truck, a guestbook as contact, rules, and a about page. As this clan grows, and they start having more features, i will update this review.
More Member Pages:
DarkBlade`s Site Personal Useful K ߣE_J.T 6/17/2007  
Welcome to my site! My site has 3 trucks and 3 tracks and has some helpful things in it so please chech it out!Thank You
REVIEW by KC: Not much there but not bad.
Evo2Unlimited Large Very Good fessmo83 3/24/2008  
Evo Community disscusion on tournaments, server issues, track and truck making, and soon a download center.
REVIEW by E2Rc_Nick_RG: Very nice forum to get together with the community. Lots of useful topics, and just great being there.
Gear Headz Customz Personal Poor gear head 5/23/2007  
My hobbies and the tracks I have made. It includes a guestbook, music, links, and pictures
REVIEW by KC: OK site, just not much there but a giant banner ad.
New Pages:
..NEW TEAM [RCG] SITE!! Official Team Site Not Rated [RCG]Dark Blade 1/7/2009  
Enter here for information on team [RCG] we have tracks with info and pics as well as full tryout info, guestbook and all the games Team [RCG] has expanded to.
Kings WareHouse Large Not Rated [RCG]RaceKing Jedi 8/2/2008  
I have lots of Trucks, Tracks, Tools, Track Objects to download and a FAQ page and a Forum. Drop on bye!
Team ERO website Official Team Site Not Rated ERO~P~OFFROAD~RN 8/11/2008  
The new ERO website. Forum and links.
The Flying Eyes Website Official Team Site Not Rated Morbid 12/21/2008  
Offical TFE Team Website. Has A Forum as A link and Some Tracks/Trucks to download.
The Pit Stop Large Not Rated Skyn3t & Mudfox 11/22/2009  
What The Pit Stop is is a place to come talk about games,models,anything and we are also trying to get an uploader working as i speak.We will share our 3D models,Textures,and Everything else with you.Check it out And Don`t forget to register ;)
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