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   12/18/2018   6:44:38 AM     
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4x4 Evolution 2 - Custom Model Upload :  
Input Needed Enter / Select Input Info
Model .zip File: Model Files for Upload must be an originally named, compressed .zip of a working and complete 3D Model that will work in the Evo2 Track Editor.
<-This MUST be a file on your computer you Browse Button to, no web links.
Model Name: This Models Name. Max length 25 characters.
Author Name: The Author of this Model's name. Max length 25 characters please.
Model Info:

  *Must be Evo2 Track Editor compatible, but additional file formats are OK to include in the .zip file.


     Model Animated? No Yes
Revo Bump Mapped? No Yes

Vertices: Faces:

Select the general Object Group, the model file and Texture file format (select both if you included both in the .zip), and put in the number of Vertices and Faces your model has if known, select texture size, and check the checkboxes.
Model Image File: REQUIRED Model Picture. Must be exactly 400 pixels square and in 256 color .jpg or .gif file format.
Model Description:

Optional short description and credits..

OK to add this file
to a future CD?
   Yes       No This site subsides proving you a free place to host your Model on the Internet by offering archives of these files on CD for sale.
You are free to opt out of this now, but be warned that you work will not be archived in the event of a system crash or in the event file space is needed, Models not OK'ed for CD will be deleted.
REGISTER and the LOGIN for File Upload ability. KC's Evo2 Place
No Uploads, Downloads or Forum Posts are permitted by Unregistered users.


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