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 Truck Making Q&A
 Mapping Tutorial - Read Before Posting a Question
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Forever Noob-ish

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Posted - Dec 03 2005 :  3:29:21 PM  Show Profile  Send DustBuster an instant message  Reply with Quote
I'm really bored, so I'm gonna write my own mapping tutorial that covers things that some others don't. Make sure to read through the Terms You Need to Know, or if you're too lazy to do so, refer to the Terms when you don't know what I mean in the tutorial.

[NOTE: This tutorial is written assuming that you have BASIC knowledge of the Zmodeler 1.07b modeling program. Thought I explained as much as I could, if you have never opened Zmodeler before, don't expect to understand this entire tutorial.]

Terms you need to know:
Mapping - Assigning a texture to an object, also known by new people as "Painting"
Tool Bar - The bar at the top of the screen, (below File, Edit, etc.) that contains new, open, save, import, export, etc.
Tool Box - The box (usually on the right) that contains Create, Modify, Surface, Select, and Display
Objects mode - Used for modifying the entire object. It is the red cube in the toolbar, next to the big red circle.
Faces mode - Used for Mapping or Reorienting, does not affect the shape of the object. It is the blue cube, right next to Objects mode.
Vertices mode - Used for modifying the shape of the object, or making an object from scratch. Allows you to move each Vertice independently.
Solid-Color Texture - Is just a single color. Your entire part will be the same shade of color, with no textured detail, whatsoever.
Select All - Select all Objects, Faces, or Vertices.
Select Quadr - Selects the Objects, Faces, or Vertices inside the Square. [Right click and drag to make the square]
Select Circle - Selects the Objects, Faces, or Vertices inside the Circle. [Right click and drag to make the Circle]
H-Axis - Horizontal Axis, or X-Axis. This allows only Horizontal modification to an object or vertices.
V-Axis - Vertical Axis, or Y-Axis. This allows only Vertical modification to an object or vertices.

How to Map:
First of all, make sure you have a texture. Evo2 uses 512x512 textures, but you may not be modding for Evo2. Whatever you are mapping, make sure the pixels are even for Height and Width (ex: 100x100, 200x200, etc.) If you are modifying an existing texture from an Evo2 truck, it will be in .tif format. You will need to convert it to a 24-bit Bitmap Image (.bmp). You can do this using pretty much any paint program. If you are modifying a texture that isn't even height and width, increase the canvas size. Do so by changing the smaller number of pixels in your texture to the same number of pixels as the larger number. (ex: If your texture is 512x345, change the 345 to 512.) This is done so that the image is not distorted in Zmodeler. If you do not know how to do this in your paint program, you'd better find a tutorial to do so, because every paint program is different, and I can't explain them all.

Now open Zmodeler. There are a few things you need to make sure are on before you start mapping. Look below the Tool Box and make sure "SEL" is on. Then make sure to set one of your view boxes to UV Mapper mode (Do so by clicking on the gray and blue box next to the name and selecting "UV Mapper" from the drop down window)

Then, find the part you want to map, and hide all of the other parts. Go to the toolbox, and select "Surface>Mapping>Assign UV". Doing this will switch Zmodeler from Objects to Faces mode. Again go to the toolbar and select "Select>All", then right click on the object you want to map. Right-click it until the entire object turns red (you can right-click as many times as you want, I would right-click it a few times just to be sure).

Once the entire part is selected, left click somewhere in the view box to get it into the UV Mapper window. Once in the UV Mapper window, you will need to change it back to Objects Mode to modify it to fit your texture. Then just use Move/Scale/etc. to make it fit your texture.

Then that's it, you're done. Now that wasn't as hard as you thought was it?

Invisible Parts in the UV Mapper Window-
Sometimes when you are mapping a part that has already been mapped to a solid texture, and the person who originally mapped it scaled it down so much, that it has become invisible. There are 3 simple ways to remedy this, but first, make sure you had SEL on when you tried to assign it, or else all of this will do nothing.

1: In one of your normal view boxes, from the toolbox, select "Surface>Mapping>Reset UV". Select the entire part just like you would to map it, and then left click. This will erase how the part was previously mapped. Then, from the toolbox, select "Surface>Mapping>Assign UV". This will make the part appear in the UV Mapper as it does in whatever viewbox you assigned it from. Then just make it fit your texture.

2: [Only use this if you plan on assigning a Solid-Color texture] In the UV Mapper, after the part is assigned, switch to objects mode, make sure "Select>All" and "SEL" are on, and Scale it down, a lot. It will still be invisible, but there will be a right-angle pointer sort of thing (in Zmodeler 1.07b, it is red and green). The tip of this is where your object is, so just move the pointer to where you want on the texture. This will assign the entire part to that color.

3: [Only use this if you plan on assigning a Solid-Color texture] In the UV Mapper, after the part is assigned, make sure "Select>All" and "SEL" are on, and right click in the UV Mapper. This will select the object, then switch to Vertices Mode, and right click in the UV Mapper. Then look for one or multiple red dots in the UV Mapper. Those are your object(s). Select them with "Select>Quadr" or "Select>Circle" and modify them to fit your texture.

Parts Won't Move-
Make sure that SEL is on, and Zmod is in Objects Mode.

Texture is Backwards/Upside-Down-
If your texture appears backwards, use Modify>Mirror on the H-Axis (or X-axis) and then move it back on to the texture, if it moves away. If it is upside-down, use Modify>Mirror on the V-Axis (or Y-Axis) and then move it back on to the texture.

There, you should now know the basics of mapping. As you map more things, you will figure out more advanced mapping techiques just from playing with Zmodeler, but this will at least get you started.

If you have more questions, be as specific as possible and post them in this topic. If it is a good question, I may include it in the "Troubleshooting" section of this tutorial. If you feel I have left something out, post it or email me (my email address is in the Copyright at the end of the tutorial). However, please do not email me asking how to do something in Zmodeler, post it on the forums. This way, everyone can benefit from your question, and there is more than one person who would answer your question [chances are I would delete your email and block you anyway].

This tutorial was written by Matt Veale, A.K.A. DustBuster on the forums of the 4x4 Evolution community. If you would like to host this on your site, or wherever, please send an email to (Make sure to include a link to your site in the email)



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Posted - Dec 07 2007 :  04:51:57 AM  Show Profile  Visit kaixax555's Homepage  Send kaixax555 an ICQ Message  Send kaixax555 a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote  Reply WITHOUT a Quote
Thanks DustBuster.
Your tutorial helps a lot.

  Kaixax555 Designs, premier in .NET and design. Go to Top of Page

Abuzed Customz

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Posted - Dec 07 2007 :  1:58:24 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply WITHOUT a Quote
You used the search......big thumbs up!

  -Abuzed Rigs OKJT member #9...the first XJ member Go to Top of Page

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