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 Vehicle Downloading, Details and Reviews
 Jurassic Attack MT by ejspinn
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Posted - Oct 05 2007 :  8:57:52 PM  Show Profile  Visit admin's Homepage
Name: Jurassic Attack MT
Author: ejspinn
Class: Replica File Size: 969777
Status: Edit text and pic only Downloads: 38 ID: 3099 Open with OpenFile.exepen from Disc
In-game Location:Chevy

THis is a conversion from MTM2, most recently uploaded by Max.

Converted to EVO2 by Ejspinn (me)
Credits in Read-me included in zip
Special thanks to Turbo and BigDogge for help on the Bumps.

Go to DOWNLOAD Page !
Review This Vehicle!!!

Uploaded by: ejspinn

Proliferate Poster

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Posted - Oct 05 2007 :  9:04:53 PM  Show Profile
Here are a couple more pics so you can get a better look at it.

I had to join in the monster truck band wagon! Lets keep them coming!!

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16609 Posts
Posted - Oct 05 2007 :  9:42:42 PM  Show Profile
I remember this "theme" truck from the early MTM2 days in the late 90's. Great job on the conversion!

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Test Driver

1307 Posts
Posted - Oct 05 2007 :  10:51:28 PM  Show Profile  Visit KickFlip360's Homepage  Send KickFlip360 an instant message
Wow, great truck lol.
Looks really....Jurassic-ie!

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King of Conversions

1569 Posts
Posted - Oct 05 2007 :  11:57:27 PM  Show Profile  Visit Turbo's Homepage  Send Turbo a Yahoo! Message
here is a couple more shots of it,great work my friend

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Proliferate Poster

907 Posts
Posted - Oct 06 2007 :  06:15:22 AM  Show Profile

I forgot to mention the "sunvisor" is the shield on the rollbar, it can be removed if so desired. They haven't had it on there in a while, it seeemed like it would always fall off during free stlye anyways.
I like how the eye is semi- transparent like the real thing.

They just recently overhauled the paint job on Jurassic Attack according to their website. Here take a look:

I have BigDogge's 2 wicked truck currently in the "Virtual Chop shop", so some better looking parts will be included on the next monster project. (of course credit will be applied on behalf of Bigdogge and his great work)


I was just looking closer at the "Nue Blue" Jurassic Attack and noticed they still have the 4-links and steering rams still orange, but they did say they haven't put and names or sponsors on it yet.

Edited by - ejspinn on Oct 06 2007 06:17:58 AM

Here's one of the latest pictures, 4 links ands stuff still orange!

Edited by - ejspinn on Oct 06 2007 06:31:08 AM

Edited by - ejspinn on Oct 06 2007 06:34:17 AM Go to Top of Page


636 Posts
Posted - Oct 10 2007 :  1:42:44 PM  Show Profile  Visit Thecamarodude's Homepage  Send Thecamarodude an instant message
I remember I saw this one wipe out on monster jam! I think it ran overr some cars and weeee! We have so many great MT's, we could probably make our own little E2 monster jam series! You know, crush cars, freestyle, and jumps!

I am WRS~VP~Suburban! (on evo 2 online) I am also Officer James on evo 2 online Go to Top of Page


19 Posts
Posted - Jan 06 2008 :  5:40:01 PM  Show Profile  Visit runt9's Homepage  Send runt9 an ICQ Message  Send runt9 an instant message
hey, i'm a huge MTM2 fan and we've been looking around at other games. i've found some good MTs for evo 2, and i'm looking for good MT race tracks. what track is that in EJspinn's post that looks just like a real monster jam track?

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Proliferate Poster

907 Posts
Posted - Jan 06 2008 :  6:41:18 PM  Show Profile
Hey Runt that was just a "test track" I made when I was learning how to use the track editor and to see if I could import some of Slicksters BIN objects into it. I took the original stadium from MTM2 imported it into Z-modler and coverted it to smf. THen I stretched it out some to be a mid sized arena. Then the cars etc...I had some trouble with the AI becasue of the way the checkpoints were set up here is a topic in the track making section about the checkpoints It was prety neat for testing out monster trucks. I kinda gave up on it when the AI goes around in circle taking short cuts to the next checkpoint. I never released, I might have it lying around somewhere if you want it, send me an email and we'll talk.

Edited by - ejspinn on Jan 06 2008 6:43:54 PM Go to Top of Page

Masked Mosquito

42 Posts
Posted - Jan 09 2008 :  01:51:39 AM  Show Profile
very cool, looks just like the real thing (good job)

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11 Posts
Posted - Jul 23 2008 :  03:05:31 AM  Show Profile
No, its not cool... ITS WICKED!!! This truck seems to be the 'eye candy' in real life events... Why not make some other cool MTs like the Prowler/Predator/Pouncer?... Since they use the same body and framework, it would be cool to make three Paintjobs for the same truck? Oh, yes and i've been looking forward to a Gravedigger...

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Proliferate Poster

907 Posts
Posted - Jul 23 2008 :  07:28:12 AM  Show Profile
I have a Maxxium Destruction in the shop now almost half done. No grave digger yet.

Click on my (click here for my monster truck conversions) link in my signature to see some of my other trucks I did.

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Review This Vehicle!!!
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