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 Vehicle Downloading, Details and Reviews
 Superman Monster Truck by Ejspinn & BigDogge
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Review This Vehicle!!!
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Posted - Dec 24 2007 :  12:53:30 PM  Show Profile  Visit admin's Homepage
Name: Superman Monster Truck
Author: Ejspinn & BigDogge
Class: Replica File Size: 1428955
Status: OKed for use by Admin Downloads: 108 ID: 3163 Open with OpenFile.exepen from Disc
In-game Location: Custom and Career under `Lexus`

This truck was converted from MTM2, originally made by Slickster.

Make sure to read the readme/ credits in the first posting.

In-game picture by BigDogge

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Review This Vehicle!!!

Uploaded by: EJSPINN

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Posted - Dec 24 2007 :  1:17:03 PM  Show Profile
Here is the supplied Credits/readme:


Superman Monster Truck for EVO2

by Ejspinn, BigDogge ....and Slick (original MTM2 author)



This was a conversion from an MTM2 truck originally made By Slickster, one of the best replica makers in the MTM2 community. About half of his truck and all of his textures (and talent) were used to make the EVO2 version.

It is found in career mode under Lexus and in Custom mode too!

Now for the credits!

Project idea, conversion to EVO2, .TIF texture creation, Component selection and assembly = Ejspinn

Tires/rims, roll-cage of frame, shock models, sway bars, engine, "S"-headers, gages, driver legs = BigDOGGe (ZOtm_BigDOGGe), Ford F-150 body (Modded from Gasman's F-150 body from Legwon's MTM2 Scrapyard) = BigDOGGe

Sub frame, cape (bed-cover), main frame and under-carriage, sponsor panels, original paint, original body (not used), shock textures, Original MTM2 truck = Slickster


During the conversion process I ran into some trouble, I was about to give up.

I was getting errors I never seen before in EVO. I asked BigDogge for some help. He took over and re-mapped the entire truck from start to finish. Here it turns out the body model was corrupted and could not be converted successfully, so he had to procure another Ford Body and then re-do the entire mapping etc...

This project would have not been finished if it wasn't for BigDogge and his devotion to the EVO community. I can't give him enough thanks for all the "work" he does for us in his spare time. His vast knowledge of TRI games, his patience, his unselfishness toward others. I would bet if you needed the shirt off his back he would give that to you.

If there was ever a MVP award for the EVO community my vote would go for BigDogge!!

Make sure to read the original MTM2 read-me below, and yes I did ask Slickster for permission.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours


--> Do not use anything without permission from Ejspinn <--


********************** Superman (real version - updated) **********************

Owner: Live Nation
Driver: Chad Fortune
Style: Modified F-150
Engine: 540 ci Merlin
Home city: Atlanta, GA
Year created: 2005


*********************** Credits (MTM2 version) ***********************

- Tires/Wheels - Modified from TRI's, tire texture from MTR.

- Everything else made by me (SLick)

Super(online).pod is Superman reduced to under 1400 verts.

Thanks to John Everett for his great pictures.

Do not use anything without permission.





Thanks to KC for supplying the space to host all our work! I usually put him in the readme but forgot on this one.



******************* Driver interview added by BigDOGGe ********************

It's a bird...It's a plane...It's the Superman Monster Truck
Robert Haught for

Chad Fortune has been behind the wheels of Nitro and most notably the Karl Malone sponsored Power Forward truck in the past seasons, but this year he was offered the chance of a lifetime. Chad recently took a new position behind the wheel of the new Superman monster truck. Chad sat down with Robert Haught and told him how he felt about his new ride and the new season:


Robert Haught - How does it feel to be driving the Superman Monster Truck for 2005?

Chad Fortune - It feels good; I think I'm a great fit with The Superman Monster Truck , and I hope the fans will like it a lot. I'm looking forward to it, definitely.

RH - How does it feel to go from Power Forward to Superman Monster Truck?

CF - Well, with Power Forward, I was representing a person, Karl Malone. He was a great boss and I enjoyed working for him. We left on good terms. I was limited in my own personality when I drove that truck though. I am proud to be matched with the Superman Monster Truck, because the personality of the truck matches up with my own personality. Strength, speed, power - that's what Monster Jam is all about.

RH - How will the truck be set up compared to Power Forward?

CF - Well, we kept the same chassis underneath it as we had on Power Forward, so this is essentially the same truck we've had for the past four years. It is the best it has been in four years setup-wise, and I feel great in it now. We may make some minor adjustments on shocks, steering, and tires, but that's really it.

RH - Do you feel that this year will be a breakout year for you with the amount of experience you had over the summer?

CF - Yeah, definitely! This summer I had a steady stream of shows. I drove AmeriQuest during the summer and also drove on the Europe tour we did, so I'm really comfortable in the truck. I used to have to shake the rust off a bit when the season would start because I didn't always have a steady stream of shows in the summer. This year I'm ready to win.

RH - Do you have added motivation since you did not drive in Las Vegas at the World Finals last year?

CF - Yes; I feel like I have something to prove. I am going to let the new Superman truck fly and run strong . I am not going to worry as much about damage to the truck. I will just be more aggressive in general.

RH - You are in a unique situation in that you are driving a truck with its own "personality" and character. How are you going to work with that?

CF - I'm definitely going to have fun with it; people have described feeling like super heroes when they drive one of these trucks, and that's the way I feel, so it's a great fit for me. I can carry it a long way.

RH - Do you have anything new in store for 2005 besides the truck?

CF - I have a new attitude this year; I am going to be more aggressive and make the most of the opportunity I've been given. The truck will be professional and look good, but also run hard and win, and we will be all about the fans The fans should watch out; like the slogan says, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's The Superman Monster Truck!


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Test Driver

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Posted - Dec 24 2007 :  1:59:42 PM  Show Profile  Visit KickFlip360's Homepage  Send KickFlip360 an instant message
This is more like it!
To all you I talked with on multi, this is the proof that I wasn't going crazy!
This one is staying right? lol.

Superman, to the Rescue!

Nice work Ejspinn and Bigdogge! Glad you didn't give up on it and got everything to work right. Must have been hard look at all those errors!

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16588 Posts
Posted - Dec 24 2007 :  2:07:27 PM  Show Profile
Sorry about that. We had to pull it temporarily for some corrections. It's here permanently now.

...And despite KickFlip360's second snapshot, no, this Superman can't fly folks, except maybe 100 yards or so off a good high-speed jump

Enjoy, and special thanks to Ejspinn for bringing this one to EVO2. it was all his idea.


UPDATE: In looking at the snapshots, I realized that I made the tires a bit too narrow.

I widened them a bit to proper proportions, and re-uploaded it at 1:39 pm west coast time.

No need to re-download if you don't want to. It's a minor change.


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Abuzed Customz

4274 Posts
Posted - Dec 24 2007 :  2:34:58 PM  Show Profile
Nice work guys!

  -Abuzed Rigs OKJT member #9...the first XJ member Go to Top of Page

The Vault Master

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Posted - Dec 24 2007 :  4:21:00 PM  Show Profile  Visit lime's Homepage
OOOO looks kool *I believe I can fly!!!!!!* Nice Work Guys

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16588 Posts
Posted - Dec 24 2007 :  5:11:04 PM  Show Profile
Wanna see Superman MT do a back-flip? You gotta see this! (go here for a full screen player)">

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Proliferate Poster

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Posted - Dec 24 2007 :  5:20:28 PM  Show Profile
I remember seeing that flip on the speed channel... the driver Chad Fortune suffered a concusion and had to sit out a couple events to heal up. Thank goodness for a strong roll-cage!.


BTW this truck is now my son's favorite he wants me to change his "race outfit" now only if I remmeber how I did that.

I found a good donor, now just fire up the psp7 again.

Edited by - EJSPINN on Dec 24 2007 5:26:01 PM

Now that looks better

Edited by - EJSPINN on Dec 27 2007 6:41:55 PM Go to Top of Page

RaceKing Jedi
King Of Racing

1048 Posts
Posted - Dec 28 2007 :  11:06:14 AM  Show Profile
Great work on the truck you2, except i dont like that FORD symbol on the front - [RCG]RaceKing S.M. Go to Top of Page

Evo 4 Ever

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Posted - Dec 29 2007 :  10:57:29 PM  Show Profile  Visit outbackshaq's Homepage
this is defenetly a wicked truck! your cape looks more real then the actual monster truck!

  Pleasing the Dirt Gods Since Jul 24 2005 HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!
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Proliferate Poster

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Posted - Dec 29 2007 :  11:19:06 PM  Show Profile
That is actually Slick's cape and Slick's texture of a cape. All we did was "map" it.

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16588 Posts
Posted - Dec 29 2007 :  11:29:52 PM  Show Profile
Yep. Slick's a real artist with the textures. We can take no credit for that part of the truck.

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Posted - Jan 05 2008 :  09:14:25 AM  Show Profile
yo dude funny truck i will download it nice job on the detail i give you 1000/1000 your good at making trucks

micheal Go to Top of Page

Proliferate Poster

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Posted - Jan 05 2008 :  09:25:19 AM  Show Profile
I didn't make this one just brought it over to EVO2 from MTM2, with a lot of help from the 'Dogge!!

Thanks for the compliment.

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653 Posts
Posted - Jul 08 2015 :  6:33:55 PM  Show Profile  Visit 4x4EvolutionFan's Homepage
Great job on this truck! Superman is one of my favorite comic book characters.

-4x4EvolutionFan Go to Top of Page

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Review This Vehicle!!!
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