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 CHEVOTTO In Blender
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Test Driver

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Posted - Sep 19 2009 :  10:38:02 PM  Show Profile  Send upretirementman an instant message  Reply with Quote
This time I decided to import the tire also, then make duplicates and rotate two of them just to see how it looks on the CHEVOTTO.

1. Set up Blender as before and get script into text window.
2. In Image Window, select New, and import all the stuff in the Art Folder.
3. Open the CHEVOTTO.TIF Image in the ImageUV window.
4. "Option p" in text Window to run script.
5. Open the CHEVOTTO unpodded Folder ( white lettering ) and import the CHEVOTTO.smf file.
6. In center Window, click on each mesh icon one after another from top to bottom.
7. Select the whole truck and press "m" key, then layer 2 button. CHEVOTTO should be hid on layer 2. Layer 1 empty.
8. In imageUV window, select the bce.TIF so it's displayed in window.
9. "Option p" in text window to run script.
10. Open the CHEVOTTO unpodded Folder again ( white letters ) and import the bce385al.smf ( left half of tire ).
11. Do it again, but this time import the bce385ar.smf file ( right half of tire ).
12. Click on the just imported mesh icons in the middle window to texture the tire and rim. They may be scattered up and down in the middle window.
13. While the tire and rim are selected, press "m" and one of four buttons in the layers. It will disappear.
14. Press that layer button and it will appear again. Should be still selected, if not do a box select around it first.
15. Do a "shift d" to duplicate it, then select this new one by itself and press "m" and another layer button next to the first one.
16.Do this again two more times, each time putting the newest tire in a new layer box.
17. Select the 2 layer box ( where the CHEVOTTO truck is hidden ) to bring it out.
18. Press "shift 7" to turn it over on its back.
19. Now hold down shift key and press the layer box where you stored the first tire.
20. It should still be selected so you can move it around with the arrows on screen to line up the wheel with the end of an axle.
21. Do the same with all four wheels. ( anytime you make a mistake, you can "control z" to undo things.
22. Press only the "7" key to display CHEVOTTO upright! Check wheels again.
23. Go through the list again in the middle, making sure some new item did not appear when importing the tires, like the hood scoop or the such like.

And here is the photos, you know what they say, "No pictures - didn't happen"

The icon at the far right is the one to turn on the alpha for the tif.

For a closeup:

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right, if you can figure that out!

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