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 Track Downloading, Details and Reviews
 Generation 3 by Lukethedude
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System Generated Review Topic

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Posted - Jan 21 2010 :  1:42:47 PM  Show Profile  Visit admin's Homepage
Name: Generation 3
Author: Lukethedude
Track Type: Free Roam in the Mountains. File Size: 9730151
Status: OKed for use by Admin Downloads: 80 ID: 1142 Open with OpenFile.exepen from Disc
My 26th, and final track. After 2 years of slow, on and off work it was time to upload. Complete with a track image, AIs and a colored map as always. More details below.

Go to DOWNLOAD Page !

Uploaded by: Lukethedude

Track Designer

2289 Posts
Posted - Jan 21 2010 :  1:50:33 PM  Show Profile  Visit Lukethedude's Homepage
Generation 3, I decided it was finally time to upload this track, seeing how I spent about an hour a month on it. I would have liked to completely fill the track with trails, objects and what not but that would have taken another year or two to complete at this rate. It is complete, however there are flat spots.

It began with creating a very detailed track, ground tiles 256x256 instead of evoís normal 64x64. A few things that werenít part of evo2 such as tunnels and detailed highways are included.

There are many trails leading places and some shorter crawling trails. I added a few things that arenít normally on my tracks, things that are like mini challenges. The race track follows the main highway and is great for fast cars.

ENJOY!! Go to Top of Page

RaceKing Jedi
King Of Racing

1048 Posts
Posted - Jan 21 2010 :  7:22:24 PM  Show Profile
Looks awesome Luke, i thank you for still working hard even though Evo2 is kinda slow. It's poeple like you that keep it going ^^

  ~J.E.E.P~ Walking In Mud, Crawling On Rocks. Go to Top of Page


380 Posts
Posted - Jan 22 2010 :  6:49:06 PM  Show Profile  Visit Jeep_YJ_Junkie's Homepage
Bye bye Luke. Evo2 would never be what it is now without your help. Thanks for contributing to the Vales community. Have fun doing whatever it is that you want to do. Seeya bud.

Visit My Site Y'all!

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Test Driver

1307 Posts
Posted - Jan 22 2010 :  8:07:20 PM  Show Profile  Visit KickFlip360's Homepage  Send KickFlip360 an instant message
Had a little time to mess around on here and in that time, I had a lot of fun on it.
Ground textures are awesome too! Can't forget those, haha!

You've made lots of great tracks Luke, this is a good note to end on.

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Track Designer

2289 Posts
Posted - Jan 22 2010 :  9:03:34 PM  Show Profile  Visit Lukethedude's Homepage
Thanks guys!! It was alot of fun, it would be great to get a group online again sometime. I only play video games now and again, use to spend hours on them, its only ever an hour a week on avg now. I'm enjoying life! Got school to worry about too.

It was the crowd that kept me making tracks, seeing my popular ones getting a few hundred DLs made me feel proud lol. Wanted to end with something good, glad to hear I accomplished my goal Thanks again!! Go to Top of Page


561 Posts
Posted - Jan 22 2010 :  11:06:24 PM  Show Profile  Send JohnDoe3000 a Yahoo! Message  Send JohnDoe3000 an instant message
HA! I remember beta testing this for you years ago! Cool to see you upload it, nice work.

If two wrongs don't make a right, try three. Go to Top of Page

Track Designer

2289 Posts
Posted - Jan 24 2010 :  2:14:23 PM  Show Profile  Visit Lukethedude's Homepage
Lol, I had alot of beta versions. Got online.. man, its really empty! Two ppl had a lock game going and that was it. I still enjoy roaming the track, running on revo its a whole new track almost. Go to Top of Page

R3VO 4x4

186 Posts
Posted - Jan 26 2011 :  02:19:26 AM  Show Profile  Visit R3VO 4x4's Homepage
OH MY GOD this track was uploaded on my Birthday last year!!!

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Max 2001

175 Posts
Posted - Jan 29 2011 :  9:37:35 PM  Show Profile  Visit Max 2001's Homepage
luke you may not know me very well BUT i love all of your tracks and cars i think they are the best! what i like about your tracks is there is always something to like on generation 3 you have "Limeanade"! i like your freind supermotoxl to and on youtube i saw the video "whats happens to students during online class" lolz

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653 Posts
Posted - Dec 31 2016 :  2:36:46 PM  Show Profile  Visit 4x4EvolutionFan's Homepage
Nice work! Too bad this is your final track...

on youtube i saw the video "whats happens to students during online class" lolz

I saw that video too, but I'm not sure what to say about it.

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