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 Track Downloading, Details and Reviews
 Clawpull by NKAcc_Simpson
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System Generated Review Topic

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Posted - Jun 13 2010 :  9:46:51 PM  Show Profile  Visit admin's Homepage
Name: Clawpull
Author: NKAcc_Simpson
Track Type: Circut in the Desert. File Size: 1562207
Status: OKed for use by Admin Downloads: 12 ID: 1145 Open with OpenFile.exepen from Disc
A relatively short track, about 45 second long laps depending on what you`re driving. The hills around the track are not very high so probably not that good to fill your hill climbing needs. There is no map.

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Uploaded by: NKAcc_Simpson

Track Designer

2289 Posts
Posted - Jun 14 2010 :  05:33:00 AM  Show Profile  Visit Lukethedude's Homepage
A new track!? I'm gonna have to fire up the old comp with evo! Its great to see someone still at it. I highly suggest a track pic btw. I'll try it out when I get the chance, been a busy bee lately. Go to Top of Page

a normal title

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Posted - Jun 14 2010 :  4:55:23 PM  Show Profile  Visit NKAcc_Simpson's Homepage
The 2 I uploaded yesterday are only my 3rd and 4th tracks, but my first 2 tracks were created 5 years ago, so I forgot a lot of things from those first 2, even if they weren't all that great in the first place, so this one and Munky were "learning again" tracks.

But I enjoy it a lot and expect more to be uploaded soon. :) And everything from here on should have a map.

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HP fan123

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Posted - Jun 15 2010 :  7:16:23 PM  Show Profile  Visit HP fan123's Homepage
luke when r u going to make krazyville 4 Go to Top of Page
Track Designer

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Posted - Jun 18 2010 :  09:58:16 AM  Show Profile  Visit Lukethedude's Homepage
My evo2 PC is down, sorry I didn't get to try out any of your new tracks. I probably spend an hour a week on the comp, I'm using a phone right now, almost sick of computers lol. The crowd kept me going and they're gone. Genation 3 was my last track. Go to Top of Page

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