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 Windows 7: Officially Dead This Week
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Posted - Nov 02 2014 :  04:36:38 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote,2817,2471126,00.asp

Im reel tempted to by a full copy before thay disapear to make sure I will always be able to play evoR


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Posted - Nov 02 2014 :  10:02:53 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply WITHOUT a Quote
How ironic. I've been using Win XP all this time and just started using Windows-7 Ultimate a month ago. Seems fine to me.

But the title you quoted is not really true. It won't be "dead" until MS stops supporting it with updates.

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Posted - Nov 02 2014 :  1:21:33 PM  Show Profile  Send Gamer121 an instant message  Reply with Quote  Reply WITHOUT a Quote
Final EOL isn't for a few more years. Still has support, just official retail channels will be unavailable.

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Bad Driver

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Posted - Nov 02 2014 :  2:38:40 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply WITHOUT a Quote
I need some reason to upgrade my OS that makes it worth the effort. But this is just a home PC so I'll probably be using XP quite some time.

Heck even Security Essentials is purring along and current.

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Posted - Nov 04 2014 :  8:30:23 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply WITHOUT a Quote
If you have a powerful enough PC, Windows 7 tends to be a much better choice than XP. Simply for the better security if you are a non-gamer.
For gamers, or anyone that does resource intense things, 64bit helps a ton.

I recently bought a Windows 8.1 laptop. So far, the Metro thing is highly annoying and often interrupts my flow. By the time i have modified it enough to suite my needs, it's pretty much just Windows 7.

Windows 10 looks very promising so far.

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Posted - Nov 12 2014 :  06:08:03 AM  Show Profile  Send JohnDoe3000 a Yahoo! Message  Send JohnDoe3000 an instant message  Reply with Quote  Reply WITHOUT a Quote
Windows 8 was the most annoying system I've ever seen in my life. Mostly because it came with my new laptop two years ago, and all the mousepad shortcuts were extremely annoying and impossible to work around. Moving left from the ride side of the mousepad opened up the options sidebar, moving left from the middle would switch through open apps like alt+tab. Corners of the screen were like 1 pixel icons for other apps, it was just horrible.

Then, come November, I lose the option to "skip" 8.1 updates and it forcefully downloads and installs 8.1. THREE HOURS LATER, after sucking down $45 dollars worth of data from my metered internet connection, I am met with nothing but a huge mess of problems. My internet is having huge connection issues, most games won't download right the first time, I'm having extreme lag due do one of my graphics cards' drivers being incompatible with 8.1 (even though they worked fine with 8.0...) AMB is yet to fix that.

I never recommended windows 8 when I first got it, and as soon as I got used to it, they changed too much with 8.1. I still don't recommend it, even for a phone.

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