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 Track Downloading, Details and Reviews
 Tri Baja 5000 by 4x4EvolutionFan
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Posted - Aug 22 2015 :  12:11:01 PM  Show Profile  Visit admin's Homepage
Name: Tri Baja 5000
Author: 4x4EvolutionFan
Track Type: Circut in the Desert. File Size: 3781894
Status: New Upload Downloads: 4 ID: 1176 Open with OpenFile.exepen from Disc
This is my second baja-styled track, but only for 4x4 Evo 2. See my post below for more information.
Credit to Terminal Reality.

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Uploaded by: 4x4EvolutionFan


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Posted - Aug 22 2015 :  1:40:05 PM  Show Profile  Visit 4x4EvolutionFan's Homepage
This is my second baja-styled track. It is exclusive to 4x4 Evo 2, however. It is an unofficial sequel to the default Tri Baja 250 track, but this is my version. It has an oval circuit, a mountain to climb, etc. I also managed to work on Evo2-only trees in the vegetation editor, the race cam helicopter's front light in the light editor, and add a little more detail to the textured map in Paint Shop Pro 7. This track was pretty complex to make, so it only took nearly two weeks to finish it. For those who are driving on this track in Free Roam mode, here is a guide on climbing the mountain in the middle:

First go to the eastern side of the mountain, and you will find some lines with colored flags sticking downward (which will guide you to the start of the route). They should look like this:

The second image will show you where you should be at (specifically):

Follow the lines with the flags sticking downward, stay straight and do NOT let go of the acceleration because this portion is steep. Once you're on the mountain, you'll see some ribs on the ground, which should guide you as well.

By this point, there is another steep section, but it's a short part of the route, so again, don't let go of the acceleration until you reach a wooden bridge.

Here is the wooden bridge I just mentioned. Just drive across it over the gap. Then make a right S-bend turn, and when you see this rock, make a left turn.

Once again, this part of the mountain is steep, so keep your vehicle accelerating until you come across some other rocks.

Once you're at the area below, this tells you that you have reached the final destination. Congratulations!

You'll find some cool stuff here. Feel free to explore this place, and when you're finished, just go in the opposite direction, or take a shortcut by flying off the cliff.

Note: Depending on the vehicle you drive, you may need a winch.

Have fun with this track, and enjoy!

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