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 Vehicle Downloading, Details and Reviews
 Racing Vehicles Pack by 4x4EvolutionFan
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Review This Vehicle!!!
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Posted - Feb 28 2016 :  7:19:58 PM  Show Profile  Visit admin's Homepage
Name: Racing Vehicles Pack
Author: 4x4EvolutionFan
Class: Custom Truck/SUV. File Size: 5792233
Status: New Upload Downloads: 9 ID: 3522 Open with OpenFile.exepen from Disc
In-game Location: Custom Class: 0 Career? No.

This is a pack with some of the default Career vehicles for easy access in Quick Race mode. See the readme file for more information. Credit to TRI.

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Review This Vehicle!!!

Uploaded by: 4x4EvolutionFan


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Posted - Feb 28 2016 :  8:01:33 PM  Show Profile  Visit 4x4EvolutionFan's Homepage
Remember when I uploaded this pack in April 2013? That's right, after almost three years, I have finally re-uploaded it. Why? Because by the time this pack was first uploaded in 2013, some people were having problems with it, and BigDOGGe told me to fix the problem with it and test it in all versions of 4x4 Evo 2, and deleted the original listing instead of locking it. I recently found out that I accidentally called the "MODELS" folder "MODEL" instead, which was creating an error for the people that downloaded it.

For those who downloaded the original version in 2013, I am sorry for the problems that you have experienced, and also for the long delay. I have been busy with other things, so I wasn't able to get around to fixing it. It has been tested in the retail version of 4x4 Evo 2 and also in 4x4 Evolution: Revival. Now that the issue has been fixed, please go ahead and re-download this pack. Thanks.

I just wanted to provide an update for this pack here, so that's all I have to say for now. Enjoy!

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Posted - Feb 29 2016 :  7:59:11 PM  Show Profile
It actually sat unfixed for quite some time before it was removed. Nice to see you got around to updating it.

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Review This Vehicle!!!
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