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   7/16/2018   5:41:59 AM     
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 Vehicle Downloading, Details and Reviews
 BMW M3 GTR (5 Liveries) by N-Designs
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Posted - Sep 02 2016 :  08:55:29 AM  Show Profile  Visit admin's Homepage
Name: BMW M3 GTR (5 Liveries) Revo Only!
Author: N-Designs
Class: Replica Car. File Size: 22182224
Status: New Upload Downloads: 6 ID: 3526 Open with OpenFile.exepen from Disc
In-game Location: Class 1 / Career

In Game truck name: 2006 BMW Most Wanted BMW M3 GTR (In Career)

BMW Most Wanted BMW M3 GTR (In Class 1)

There are multiple variations, but they will all start off with BMW, and end with M3 GTR.

This thing was a bit of an interesting challenge to do, but I`ve got it. Started off having problems with the textures as it seemed like some textures were missing, well, no, they were not. The tires, are literally just how I have been doing some of my others. They are just a black texture with the normal maps giving them bumps, which is what I did for this mesh too.

There are also multiple versions, different liveries that came with the M3 GTR from Most Wanted 2012. Overall though, I did quite enjoy reworking this, starting with that old TRK from my 2007 conversion, and working up to this brand new, high detailed M3 GTR. Yeah!!

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Review This Vehicle!!!

Uploaded by: nfsgeeeek


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Posted - Mar 31 2017 :  8:53:33 PM  Show Profile  Visit 4x4EvolutionFan's Homepage
Great job! The 24/7 paint job reminds me of the 7-Eleven logo.

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Posted - Apr 01 2017 :  7:50:10 PM  Show Profile  Visit nfsgeeeek's Homepage

I think that is what they were basing it on, since EA can't use the 7/11 logo unless they pay for a license, they probably just created their own.

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Review This Vehicle!!!
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