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 New Links Page
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part-time raconteur

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Posted - Jul 09 2002 :  1:10:40 PM  Show Profile  Visit KC's Homepage  Reply with Quote
The new Links Page is up Domain Wide.

As usual, this new setup is a totally custom written database application to make things easy for everyone.
It works like this:

The Database that holds the Links from all my sites has a ton of specific Input Fields that allow both you the user, and the Mods, to give the most accurate info about your site possible, and to sort and rate those links according to that info.
This image of the DB does not show all of the comments for what each Number means, but you get the idea:

To create a new link to your site, just click the ADD A LINK line at the bottom of the Links Page.
Take the time to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS on the Create a Link Page!

Be very Specific and Honest with the TYPE and HOSTING selections on this form.
Attempting to fib, exaggerate, or outright lie about these facts could result in a ban from the site, as your link will not be moved from the NEW category until it is Reviewed by a Mod, and we donít need any extra work.

All visitors to this site will see a Link Creator Profile Link to use to contact you.
As a logged-on member here, once you create a link, you will also see the special Edit and Delete icons for your listing in the far right ADMIN column of YOUR listing.

Link Creators can now edit their own listing to reflect any changes, including the URL to the site and what content they now offer.
I expect ALL link creators to police their own links!
If a link is down for more than 5 days, the whole link will be deleted.

Using an Image for a link is a choice you make.
As a general rule, you will NOT want to use an image.
I do not host link images, the image MUST be: 160x60 in size to avoid distortion when displayed.
And it must be on some OTHER server that allows direct Image Linking and NOT your PCís hard drive either.

Reviewing and Placement on the links page is handled by Mods.
As a rule, we simply state the facts as best we can based on the Form the Reviewer fills out:

Modís, take the time to look over the site and tell it like it is.

If you, a member, feels you have changed/improved your site to the point of deserving of a new review, contact a Mod on this site, preferably the Mod that reviewed it to start with, with your request.

DO NOT make this re-review a daily, or even weekly thing!
We do NOT have the time to make a note every time you add some little thing!

The Featured Sites area at the top of the Links Page is indeed a special spot.
NO links stay there long, except maybe my link to the front door.

There are only 2 ways to get a brief listing at the top on Featured Links.
1. Your site has a new blockbuster type event or programs the whole community or even ALL of communities need to know about.
2. Or you buy a short-term spot to promo ANY site. Prices vary by the link and exposure, contact me with the CONTACT link for details, but figure $10 for 7 days.

My rule of thumb with this is to promo large Tournament Events, New Editing Programs, and hopefully, a few bucks for some paid ads to help cover costs.

Thatís it.
I hope you find the new Links Page as easy to use and manage as I do, and Long Live the Other Sites! The ability for anyone to contribute on the Internet to this community is what itís all about, and I support it whole-heartedly.

  †Always striving to bring YOU the best this game has to offer.

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