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10/17/2018  1:07:56 PM - MTM2 Store - Random Tracks - Random Vehicles - Add-On Installer
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Vehicle .zip File: Vehicle Files for Upload must be an originally named, compressed .zip of a working and complete Vehicle .pod file. NO PARTS or "loose" FILES!
Vehicle Name: This Vehicles Name. Max length 25 characters.
Author Name: The Author of this Vehicle's name. Max length 25 characters.
Author Link: Optional Author's E-mail address or complete home page URL beginning with http://
Vehicle Classification: Type:         Style: Select the Type and Style that best descries your Vehicle.
Vehicle Image File: Optional Vehicle picture must be no wider than 400 pixels, in .jpg format, and no larger than 400KB
Vehicle Description: Give any further description of your Vehicle not already included above as this information will remain with the file and posted in the Review Forum.
Also include any technical tips others might find useful as well as credit to any other Author's whose work you may have used. Max length 255 characters, use <br> for text breaks.

Uploading anything other than a working MTM 2 Vehicle, or uploading other peoples work with your name on it, is strictly forbidden.
Violators will have their upload removed and be banned from the site.

OK to add this file
to a future CD?
   Yes       No This site subsides proving you a free place to host your Vehicle on the Internet by offering archives of these files on CD for sale.
You are free to opt out of this now, but be warned that you work will not be archived in the event of a system crash and in the event file space is needed, Vehicles not OK'ed for CD will be deleted.
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