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  Monter Truck Madness 2 - Links Page:

Site Name Type Rating Author Date Admin
Best Bets:
Leg`s MTM2 Auto Emporium Parts Very Good Legwon 7/26/2007  
All kinds of parts and programs for making Trucks. Also Conversion Tutorials and a Chat Board.
REVIEW by KC: A great site for parts to make your vehicles, easy navagation, no garbage.
Author Very Good METH 11/8/2006  
--METHs MTM2 Garage-- My New Site. Added all my MTM2 downloads and a few more things. Replicas, Customs, Tracks, Utilties and Links. **Best Viewed In 1024x768**
REVIEW by Phineus: Very nice site with an original look. All your mtm2 bases are covered, and there`s some first-rate downloads too. Check it out.
Large Excellent! Phineus 6/13/2004  
Tracks, Trucks, Traxx, Tracked2, Textures, Models, Utilities, Help and more....
REVIEW by Phineus: A community site that tries to answer your track and truck making questions. An excellent site if I do say so myself ;-) CH_2005: I second that.
MW-Gaming Main Hub Excellent! Matt Voss 6/5/2004  
MWG has Over 300 MTM2 Replica Trucks, Tracks, Cheats, Help, Program Downloads, other games and more to come and More.
REVIEW by Phineus: Huge site that host many mtm2 home pages and offers tons of tracks, trucks, utilities and help. Be sure to bookmark this one.
Red Dragon Truck Shop Personal Very Good RDT_Dave 5/6/2006  
My personal site with MTM2 affiliated materials. Replica Trucks, Custom Trucks, Programs and It is constantly updated (at least once every two weeks). Has almost everything needed for MTM2 play on and offline.
REVIEW by BigDogge: (05-05-2006) Site still exists, but downloads no longer appear to work.
Personal Excellent! Rep Fan 10/22/2007  
My little scar on the face of MTM2, Replica Trucks, and Customs too. Come on Over!
REVIEW by Phineus: A huge selection of first-rate replica and custom made trucks.
Seattle`s MTM2 Tracks / Trucks Very Good Seattle 5/6/2006  
Download a plethora of circuits and rallies.
REVIEW by BigDogge: (05-05-2006) Site still exists, but downloads no longer appear to work.
Author/Utility/Help Pages:
Personal Very Good ch_2005 11/1/2005  
Home of C-POD and other unique useful mtm2 utilites. Also a great collection of weird trucks, and some good solid tracks.
REVIEW by KC: A good, easy to navagate no BS site with a lot of great utilities, some unique Tr*cks, and some some models.
Tracks / Trucks Very Good Phineus 9/27/2004  
Largest Collection of mtm1 tracks on the net.
REVIEW by Phineus: This site is useful if you`re looking for mtm1 addon tracks.
PSP 7 Truck Painting Tutorial Help/Utility Excellent! Cale 11/1/2005  
A tutorial for creating paintjobs for MTM 2 trucks with Paint Shop Pro.
REVIEW by KC: Superb tutorial for making trucks with PSP7 and very well written.
Official Team Pages:
Tracks / Trucks Not Rated Evolution Inc. 6/13/2004  
REVIEW by Phineus: I`m not sure which address is the correct one, but at this moment everything is working from all locations so it`s good. It`s a multi-game site with the mtm2 part paying large tribute to clawfford`s work. Nice.
Main Hub Very Good METH 11/8/2006  
Looking to get into MTM2 Drag Leagues? This forum covers all the MTM2 Drag leagues. Get News,Info and Coverage. Free ChatRoom.
REVIEW by KC: Good site, nice forum, tons of team info, in short the 1st stop for those that want to do Drag Racing.
PENDALeague Official Team Site Not Rated LPmeteora 3/18/2004  
Site for the reopened PENDA League.
REVIEW by Phineus: Good looking site with a couple broken links.
Team Xtreme --XFA-- Official Team Site Not Rated METH 10/13/2004  
The official site of Team XFA. Xtreme Freestyle Alliance. Our Trucks, Tracks, parts and more. Always Adding more..... BEST VIEWED IN 1024 X 768 RES.
REVIEW by Phineus: A nice looking site featuring a who`s who in drag racing. Download pages could use beefing up content wise, but the site is in development so that`s probably on the way.
Official Team Site Not Rated eTnies 5/6/2006  
Team TTR - Teen Truck Rumblers website features mtm2 trucks,tracks, utilities, links, and more!
REVIEW by BigDogge: (05-05-2006) Site still exists, but downloads no longer appear to work.
Truck Destroyers Official Team Site Useful TD_WiP 12/7/2002  
TD`s site has tracks, trucks, members and much more to explore!
REVIEW by Phineus: Good start for a new team; this site has everything in place.
USMTRA Official Team Site Very Good Hot Shoe 11/4/2003  
League website of the United States Monster Truck Racing Association. Sign ups are open through the season. We are committed to having fair races and good clean fun. Come race with us!!!
REVIEW by Phineus: An active league with all content up front and open. Looks good.
More Member Pages:
Cale`s Website Author Useful Cale 11/1/2005  
A personal website by the creator of MTM 2 trucks like "The Ride" and "OutRageous"
REVIEW by KC: Personal interest stuff and pics.
Filter`s MTM2 Site Personal Useful thafilter 5/6/2006  
All sorts of links for Monster Truck Madness 2. Truck and rumble pictures. Some downloads
REVIEW by BigDogge: (05-05-2006) Site still exists, but downloads no longer appear to work.
M25`s Monster Truck Madness Support Personal Virtualy Useless Monster_25 11/14/2005  
Hosts all of the author`s tracks and a large "Monster Patrol" trucklot.
REVIEW by BigDogge: Last updated mid-2004. track, truck & utility downloads no longer available.
Shockwave 4x4 Monster Truck Racing Official Team Site Useful DavidRife 2/9/2005  
Official Site of the Shockwave Monster Truck. We are looking for some MTM2 Replicas to cover the history of the truck all the way up to the New Paint Scheme
REVIEW by KC: Simple but effective. Serves its purpose.
New Pages:
MTM2 Tournament Site Main Hub Not Rated MOD_KrazyMan 7/11/2008  
MTM2 Tournament website i made for tournament imformation with a MTM2 Forum for game talk.
RG (Racing Group) Large Not Rated E2Rc_Nick_RG 9/12/2008  
Racing Group (RG) is the first and only tournament clan in MTM2, Evo1, and Evo2. RG`s goal is to extend the life of these games via tournaments. Check us out!
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