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12/18/2018  6:01:51 AM - MTM2 Store - Random Tracks - Random Vehicles - Add-On Installer
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MTM Internet Race Room.
 HOST  Version  Game Mode  Status  Create Time Action
MonsterMutt34  MTM2  Tournement  Waiting   11:46:56 AM 
KC  MTM2  Real Racing  Waiting   11:04:07 AM 
Description: KC`s Race 
Mega Grave Digger  MTM2  Real Racing  Waiting   2:13:28 PM 
Description: Mega Grave Digger`s Race 
Big D  MTM2  Real Racing  Waiting   11:02:35 AM 
Description: Big D`s Race 
Joiners: skyman5629, oc3ddie,  
monstertruckjam666  MTM2  Real Racing  Waiting   3:28:59 PM 
Description: monstertruckjam666`s Race 
DODcc_Matrixx  MTM2  Rumble  Waiting   6:39:03 PM 
Description: Get ready to hyperCUBE RUMBLE 
BB  MTM2  Real Racing  Waiting   2:08:05 PM 
Description: BB`s Race 

Instructions for use:
Launcher: To play Internet Multiplayer here you need this Game Launcher 5.0 Utilitiy installed on your PC.
This race room works by creating Host and Join .FIM files that the server sends you that when opened, run the Launcher utility to start your MTM race into Internet mode and either set you up as a Host, or connect you as a Joiner to the race the Host has running automatically.
Please note that the Launcher Utility will NOT work stand alone.
It needs to be run by opening a .FIM file, which you can only get from the race room.

Router/Firewall: Note that if you have a router, you need to read the (soon to come) How to Configure a Router/Firewall help page if you plan to Host, but in most cases you can Join without Router setup.

Chat: The Race Room works with or without the Chat Frame open.
In fact, when you click to Launch from a Race Room, the Chat Frame is closed for you.
This is because the Chat Frame does tend to tax your bandwidth while open.
You can re-open the Chat at any time by simply click the Chat Frame link at the top of the page, and you can Close the Chat Frame by clicking the red Exit icon in the very lower right of the Chat Box.

Host/Join: The Launcher program only works when it has a .FIM file to use.
The .FIM file is just a simple text file with the info the Launcher needs to start your game and connect you. You can even open one with Notepad and look at it if you like.
When a Host launches, he gets a Host(room#).FIM file.
Once he Hosts and his game is actually hosted, the Joiners will see a link to Launch.
To join or host a room, simply use the links.

A bunch more here including links and what not..
I'll get to that once I make this page do everything I need to host, launch and do it's own housekeeping.