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So do you have the current open.me Add-On Installer installed?
If not, get the latest version of the Windows (all versions) Add-on Installer ver 2.3 and install it!

This harmless little Add-On Installer utility is designed to work with both Track and Truck .ziped or .trk add-on files from the three TRI driving game webs sites on Vales Gaming:

Monster Truck Madness 2, 4x4 Evolution (1) and 4x4 Evo 2.

By simply clicking the Disc Icon from any of those sites add-on download listing pages, a tiny (1K or less) open.me text file is sent to you from the server with the information about the add-on.

By simply clicking OPEN from your browsers Open/Save File pop-up option box when you click the Disc Icon, our unique open.me file extension makes the otherwise completely dormant Add-On Installer kick in, it searches your defined path to the compressed add-on (usually .zip) file on your PC, and installs into the game for you!

This works best with the Add-On CD/DVD's of files available for sale on each games web site in the Store page, but you can also choose to Download and Save the .zip file first or target your own collection right from the Add-On Installer via the Disc Icon click and one more click installs it!

Step by Step:

Click the Disc Icon on any DL/Review or Random Gallery page like Street's STG Mud 1 in this example .

When your browser presents you with a Save or Open box, just click Open.

The Add-On Installer will be the default program to open the file and spring into life.

Once you have your path set, a one time deal for where you keep your downloads for each game and it's trucks and track, just click the Add to Game button.

The .pod file is extracted from the .zip and copied to where where it needs to be in the given game, and then either pod.ini or in the case of evo tracks, the tracklist.txt file updated for Tracks, for Vehicles, pod.ini is updated.

Thats it, your add-on is in game waiting for you to enjoy.

But what if you don't have the file yet?

Easy, just click the DL & Save 1st button.
The normal DL Pop-Up pages comes up.

Just click Download from Internet as usual.
You will get the browsers Save or Open selection box, choose Save and put the DL in the directory Add-On Installer will use from here on out.

You get presented with a "page wanting TO close" box, just OK it, that's the DL pop-up page and I can't help that.

Now just click the Add to Game button on the still open Add-On Installer program as usual.

Once added, the Installer closes itself and sits dormant until Windows calls it with an Internet Browser OPEN FILE TYPE call, which is my unique open.me file format and extension.


You can't just run the utility from windows, and it will tell you so.
It can't do anything without an open.me file input.
It can however take that input file from any source.

For example, you can save your own open.me files and post them in links anywhere like this Open Me File link for the above example.

All it has in it is the crucial info in text form:
STG Mud 1 by NKAc_Street

The Add-On Manger does the rest according to your settings.

Manage your .zip Downloads!

I highly recommend that if you don't have a cd/dvd of files you make a directory anywhere on your hard drive and name it like /Evo2/Tracks or Evo2/Trucks or /Evo1/Trucks etc, and save all the .zips there.
This system will not work with already extracted .pod files, when not in use .pods take up 10 more space than in their .zip form, and pretty hard to know what they are.

By just keeping all you add-ons in zip form in specific directories and using the web page to extract and install them, you can simply delete any pod from the game directory when not in use and just re-install it via Add-On Installer anytime you want.

I will add some common error help here soon but overall she's works even better that planed!

Enjoy, and THANK YOU STREET for helping me make this happen!