Proper E-mail Etiquette


This page is designed to educate the growing number of Internet Users that have grown up using Instant Messaging, and do not understand the vast differences between IM and E-mail.


Although the Savvy Internet E-mail User already knows that using proper E-mail etiquette in all correspondence is always smart, when contacting an Admin or Moderator on, it is a must.


The best way to begin a new Site Related e-mail topic is to use the CONTACT LINK at the top left of every page, on every site.

This form sends vital information such as the site name and, if you are logged in, your member name and e-mail reply address in the e-mail.


To initiate contact with a specific person directly, always remember to include the Site Name, your Member Name on that site, and the exact nature of your problem complete with any direct site related Links.


In the case of EVERY REPLY to ANY e-mail, ALWAYS include ALL Previous E-mail Text!

This is CRUCIAL! Especially if your reply is in regards to an action or warning to you from the staff!

Unlike Instant Messaging, E-mail DOES NOT keep a history of what has been said before!


The staff and I receive hundreds of e-mails a day.

They are handled and deleted.

We will NOT remember what your given problem was or who you are when you reply unless you include everything said to that point in EVERY E-mail Reply!!!!



All smart E-mail users have their e-mail program set to AUTOMATICALLY INCLUDE ORIGINAL MESSAGES IN EACH REPLY.


In Outlook, this is found in E-mail Options:



In Netscape:



If you want to remove text from the quoted text, just delete that text.

If your e-mail program does not support the automatic function, just copy/paste all of the text from the e-mail you are replying to into your new e-mail.




If you were contacted via e-mail by a site Admin or Moderator, you simply must include that text in your reply if you expect any results, and always put the new text at the top.


E-mail Hall of Shame


The e-mail hall of shame represents just a few select E-mails I have received.

In every case, it is a member of one my three sites requesting some kind of help with a new e-mail or a reply, yet provides nothing for me to use to help them.


I am quoting the ENTITE BODY of their E-mails in these Message examples!

In other words, this was all I got including their signature line.


Sent to: My personal address via a reply.

Subject: RE:hey

Message: i know the sitev around pretty good and all i just gotta give reviews


*OK.. This is a new arrival; a half a line of virtually meaningless text.

I think it may have been from one the MANY guys this summer that were asking about becoming a Mod, but itís tough to tell.

My standard reply to requests to be a Mod are that Modís are invited to join, and only when we need one.

I also tell them that a good way to get noticed when we look for a new Mod to invite is to help others on the site and post Reviews.

Well, good communication skills are even more important than that to be a useful Mod.

If this guy was looking to be Mod, he has a lot to learn first.


Sent to: A Reply to the Registration E-mail that sends your password from a site.

Subject: RE: A KCís place Site Password Request

Message: I like, sware dude, i like lost my password and username. Go ahead and think i'm a fake, but i need them.


*Like, what did this dude want me to do? Try and guess who he is?

I need some clueís to help! Like what might your user name have been?

Did you try to make a new account but the e-mail address was in use?

Well, what e-mail address!?


Sent to: A Reply to the Registration E-mail that sends your password from a site.

Subject: RE: A KCís place Site Registration

Message: you guys suck you give me this password and it doesn't even work. send me another  password or delete me from the site so i can create another one


*Guess how anxious I was to help the guy aboveÖHahahaha.
He didnít even include the original text or sign it, so even if he didnít insult me, I could not have helped him.


Sent to: My e-mail reply address when I e-mail from a site.

Subject: (blank)

Message: What I didnt do anything KC what happend?


Sent to: A sites name

Subject: (blank)

Message: password


Sent to: The automated site registration return E-mail address.

Subject: Re: KC's MTM2 Place Registration

Message: In a message dated 8/17/2002 12:01:23 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

it says i am not regesterd


This next e-mail ended up going for like 5 lame e-mails before I ever got his member name.


Sent to: A sites name

Subject: hey

Message: it won't let me login it say invaided password or user when its right becuz i know my password


Sent to: my personal e-mail address


Message: Hey KC, I was told that the topic has been posted is that true, cuase if it is not true then I'll have to take pics again lol

Cya later


Sent to: my personal e-mail address

Subject: Re: Sent From KC's 4x4 Evo 1 Place by byron

Message: WERE


Sent to: A sites name

Subject: Re: KC's 4x4 Evo 1 Place Registration

Message: wathsmy user name


And of course my all time favorite because I get so many:


Sent to: my personal e-mail address

Subject: (blank)

Message: what is my user name and password


I understand that the Instant Messaging Generation is accustomed to having a history of all text with a given person saved for you, and that many other people are completely new to everything Internet.


I hope that this page helped educate you about E-mail, and how to best get the help you seek using it with the staff of


-KC front page