The Site Sponsorship Page


Monthly Community Sponsorship of the five main, high traffic areas of each KCís Place Game Site are what make these ad-free family friendly sites on possible.


A single $10 US sponsorship of a given area by any one person insures that area will remain open and free to use for allmembers of that site for that month.


By having mostly Community Members sponsor the area of their interest, the entire community can be assured that the sponsors banner link will be of interest and well worth a click, and not some lame SpyWare filled web site trying to sell you a webcam.


If an area fails to receive a sponsor for a given month, that area will be closed to the general community and only accessible to the Staff and Gold Supporters* until such time as a sponsor steps up.


In exchange for your sponsorship, you receive a strategically placed 100x600 pixel linked banner of your creation for the entire sponsored month in that area.


Most any type of banner will be accepted, so long as itís tasteful and G-rated.



To see what areaís are in need of sponsorship, what months are available and to reserve your spot, just click the Box of the Game Site you wish to support below.

And Thank You for your support from all of us!


Monster Truck Madness 2 4x4 Evolution 4x4 Evolution 2


* Gold Supporters are the people that have freely contributed $100 or more towards over the years and will always receive special treatment and the gratitude of for their support. is a privately owned and operated domain by KC Vale.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.
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